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Anal Sex Toys That Make Her (or you) Cum

With so many options out there for anal sex toys it helps to know the basic styles that you have to choose from. Watch this video from Squirtbible.com about the best anal sex toys that can be used for both men and women alike. I also recommend you check out John’s article on female ejaculation. It will surly dispel some myths you may have around the topic.

How To Stimulate The G Spot – “Toys” Can Help

Learning how to stimulate the G spot sounds easy, but it may not be if you have to spend time using your fingers for the process. The fact is that sex toys can make this process much easier for you, and they do not necessarily have to cost a lot of money. After you watch a good demonstration about pleasing the G spot, you may be able to use a sex toy to put those techniques to the test. Here is a look at some of the toys you might be interested in using whenever you start your self-exploration.

One of the most obvious sex toys people will go to in order to learn how to stimulate the G spot is the G spot vibrator. This is a special kind of vibrator that has a bend at the end of it so that it can press against the G spot whenever it goes into the vagina. This works just like any other vibrator with a speed adjustment and different textures to choose from. It is just made for the G spot, rather than the clitoris. You can use a standard vibrator as well, but you will have to maneuver it a bit in your body.

You do not have to use vibrations to create stimulation though. You could just as easily use a dildo or a probe of some sort to figure out how to stimulate the G spot. Make sure that you get highly aroused before you do this so that your G spot is as sensitive as it can be. Then you can start tapping away at your G spot until something feels good for you. Watch a demonstration video for more advice as to how to go about working with stationary toys.

If you want the ultimate level of pleasure, you need to use a rabbit vibrator. This is perfect for teaching you how to stimulate the G spot because it does all of the work for you. It has a piece that goes inside of the vagina to tickle the G spot, and then it has a little attachment that wraps around the clit and pleases it too. The result is pleasure unlike any other. Before you try having sex to find your G spot, you may think about masturbation instead. The right toy could make all the difference for you in the future.