Arousal Ideas to Increase G Spot Sensitivity

Every woman has a G spot, which is a special zone in the human body that can be stimulated during sex for pleasure. If it is stimulated in the right way, the result is an orgasm unlike any other. To increase the chances of that happening, you may want to think about some intense foreplay before the actual intercourse. That will cause the G spot to swell, and it will make that area more sensitive in the end. Here is a look at what you can do to get the G spot ready to go.

One of the easiest forms of foreplay to work with is oral sex. During oral sex, another person puts his or her tongue on the clitoris and moves it in circles or short flicks. By doing that, it creates pleasure in the clitoris, which can actually cause a woman to orgasm if it is prolonged. The idea here though is just to get the woman aroused enough to have a throbbing G spot. Then it is time for insertion. Oral can easily transition into vaginal or manual intercourse as you want it to.

Another great form of foreplay is a passionate kissing session. You can slowly take your partner’s clothes off as you kiss, and you may even run your hands over the person’s private area. That acts as a tease of sorts for what is later to come. If you can get a woman fantasizing about an event to come in the future, she may get wet enough to start the action. That wetness is almost always a sign that the G spot is ready for stimulation, even though the lubricant does not come from the G spot in particular. They get stimulated at the same time.

Adult films are often great ways to get a woman aroused if she is not opposed to the idea of porn. This can allow her to see what may happen and fantasize about the events in her head, and from there she can get her body ready for the taking. There are tons of other ideas that may be more fetish-based, so you may just want to explore your options through experimentation. Every woman has the possibility of getting a good sex life. It is just a matter of how much foreplay it takes to make that happen. You can see so for yourself in your own sex life.

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