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Her G Spot

If you really want to please your girlfriend or wife in the bedroom, you have to learn some more about her G spot. Women are built much differently than men, and their bodies work in different ways. You have to learn how to please your woman if you want to give her real orgasms, seeing that most women actually fake the orgasms that they have in bed. Luckily, the information below should give you a good idea about how to find the G spot and what to do with it once you do find it. Read on to become the lover you have always wanted to be.

Her G spot is inside of her vagina, but it is not very far in. Many men won’t even try to find the G spot because they think that they will have to do deep penetration to get to it. That is not the case. You only have to go about three inches into the body to be able to hit the G spot, so that is all you need in terms of length to please a woman. The process is much easier than you think.

You need to find sex positions that are going to help you hit her G spot repetitively. This can be just about any position where she is riding on top of you with her face towards your face. Missionary position is a classic, but it can work for this as well. The only difference is that you will be in charge of the motions. You can experiment with anything you want based on the shape of your penis and the way your bodies intertwine. Just try to get the head of your sidekick right on the front wall of her vagina.

You may want to use sex toys or your fingers to find her G spot initially because it may be tricky to control your penis and your pelvis in the right way. You can stick the toy or set of fingers in so that it touches the G spot, and then all you have to do is tap on it over and over again. This works best when the woman is really turned on because that is when her body is going to be the most sensitive. Let her guide you to what feels good, and you will be a pro in no time at all.

How to Hit the G Spot

It is natural to want to learn how to hit the G spot. This is, after all, supposed to be the place on the female body where she can feel the most pleasure. The G spot can reportedly produce the best orgasms possible, and it can even create multiple orgasms if you stimulate it correctly. If you are a man wanting to learn about the G spot and all of its wonder, you may want to take some training from the woman in your life. She will be one of the best teachers you can have.

The reason why it is beneficial to let your woman show you how to hit the G spot is because every woman is a little different. Some of them like fast, hard hits, and others like soft and quick ones. The location of the G spot is the same for most women, but there is a little variation there that you may have to look into as well. If you are aiming for a one night stand, this may not apply to you. If you want to establish a long term sexual relationship with someone though, you need to learn what is going to work for her.

You could start by letting her masturbate while you watch. This is usually a good idea for new couples who may not be quite ready for vaginal intercourse yet. Watching a woman masturbate can be a very erotic experience, and then you can learn how to hit the G spot just the way she does when she is on her own. The only time this will not work is if she masturbates with just her clitoris. Many women do this, and as a result, you may have to move on to another plan.

For that other plan, you can let your woman ride on top of you during sex. In this case, she will be in control of the motions and the orgasms that come from them. You can monitor her thrusting so that you know how to hit the G spot just like she likes it. She will manipulate her body to something that feels good for her because that is all she will know to do. Then you can just watch and mimic the movements later on. If you are a willing student, you can make your teacher beg for more the next time you have a special lesson together.

What Does a G Spot Look Like?

There are many questions that emerge whenever people start to explore their bodies and the ideas of sex. Men and women alike often ask experts, “What does a G spot look like?” The answer to this question may not be as clear as you think it is. The fact is that the G spot has no “look” to it because it is inside of the vagina. You cannot see it at all unless you look at diagrams of the female body. If you are on a question to actually see a G spot, you might as well stop now. Otherwise the information below may at least help you find the G spot when you need to.

Once you realize that there is no answer to “What does a G spot look like?” you may want to figure out where it is. The G spot is located inside of the vagina, and it is about three inches inside. It is easy to visualize it if you assume that it is located right behind the clitoris. That is not actually the case, but it is something to keep in mind as you have sex because it can at least create a connection for you.

If you want to find the G spot beyond asking “What does a G spot look like?” you need to stick your fingers in the vagina so that the knuckles face toward your back. This will allow your fingers to curve inside and actually press on the G spot for stimulation. If a woman is aroused, you can make a “come here” motion with your fingers so that you tap on that spot over and over again. This will create a positive sensation that may lead to an orgasm.

If you hear someone ask “What does a G spot look like?” just tell them that it does not look like anything. Some people say that the G spot looks like the letter G inside of the body, but that is not true either. It is named after the scientist that discovered it, and the G has nothing to do with its shape. This area is just a smooth part of the vagina like anything else, but it is highly sensitive during sex. You can now use that knowledge the next time you masturbate or try to please a woman. Let the G spot work in your favor.


Have You Found Her G Spot Yet?

If there is one topic that confuses men the most about sex, it is finding the G spot. This is because the G spot is tucked away into the vagina. It is not out in the open like the clitoris is, which is am lot easier to create an orgasm from. Instead, it is about three inches inside on the vaginal wall, and it can be hard to find if you do not know what you are feeling for. With this knowledge in place though, you should have no troubles at all getting your woman to orgasm over and over again.

You can stimulate the G spot in many different ways. You can use your own penis, a sex toy, your fingers, or something else along those lines. Sometimes finding the G spot is simply a matter of watching your partner find it for you. You can watch your girlfriend masturbate and then try to mimic the way she moves whenever you have sex. You can also let her be on top for your next round of sex so she controls where your penis goes. Then you would just need to follow a similar path the next time you are inside of her. Use your resources and you will have no issues making a great discovery.

Finding the G spot does not mean that you should ignore the clitoris. This can be stimulated at the same time the G spot is stimulated to create an ultimate pleasure area for your partner. By rubbing on your partner’s clitoris as she maneuvers her body on top of yours, you can truly make her orgasms spectacular. Some women love using a vibrator on their clit as they have their G spot stimulated, so do not be afraid to incorporate a toy. This will make you an even better lover than you may already be.

Once you get consistent with finding the G spot, all you have to do is repeat the process. This is no excuse to make your sex life boring though. You should still be willing to experiment with new positions and other ideas to see if you can create all new orgasms for your partner. Before you give up on finding the G spot, take a little help from a tutorial or even from your partner. Then all you will have to do is apply your new found knowledge to the next round of sex you have.

Girl on Top Sex Positions to Stimulate the G Spot

If you really want to stimulate a G spot during sex, you need to aim for a sex position that is going to put the girl on top. This is the best way to get the penis to the G spot because the woman gets to control the action. She can move her body the way it needs to move so that she gets sexual pleasure, and she can basically use the penis like a sex toy. There are more girl on top positions out there than you think, and some of them may be fun to play around with. Here are just a few of them you may want to try.

The classic girl on top sex position is the cowgirl. This goes by many other names, like stallion or rider, but it is the same regardless of what you want to call it. In this case, the man lies on the bed with his erect penis in the air, and then the woman straddles him with her vagina just over his penis. With her knees on the bed, the woman lowers her body onto the penis and then moves so that she can get pleasure from the G spot. This is position that every person should try at least once in his or her sex life.

Another option for having the woman on top for sex is to actually have sex at the edge of the bed. The man can sit up with his legs dangling from the side, and then the woman can straddle him with her rear on his knees. Most women at this point will almost ride a man like a bull, thrusting their pelvises back and forth, rather than up and down. The movements that a woman will make will depend on what fees good for her G spot.

You can also look into a variation of cowgirl that may involve a little more physical activity. The Asian cowgirl, for instance, is basically a squat over the penis, where the woman has her feet flat on the bed instead of her knees. The knees are bent, and then she can pop up and down on the penis. There are tons of other options for G spot stimulation, so you just have to play around to see what will work for you. There is always a new sexual activity to try.

How To Make A Woman Squirt

Women’s brains are very involved in every aspect of their life, including their sexual experiences. This is a large part of the reason that it’s so difficult for many women to have satisfying orgasms or even have them at all. If you really want to figure out how to make a girl squirt, you have to start by realizing that the focus is going to be completely on her and that you will likely have to work hard to get her relaxed and aroused enough to pull it off. Women need a lot of arousal to be ready for something like this and that’s up to you.

Many women never actually experience this phenomenon that has become quite a fetish over the years because they aren’t aroused or relaxed enough during the experience. You have to make sure that your woman is completely relaxed and aroused to a point of almost being soaking wet so that you can get the best results. Everyone wants to learn how to make a woman squirt, but you have to be patient and realize that it is a process that takes some trial and error in many cases.

If you are able to get a woman aroused enough, you will be able to produce ejaculation without much effort at all. If you get too eager or don’t give her enough time to get aroused and lost in the sensations, you’re not going to succeed, however. The secret to how to make a woman squirt is to find her g spot. This is a spot located on the front wall of the vagina about two inches inside. It feels rough and very spongy, and holds a lot of liquid. Stroking, tapping, and pressing on this spot is what will cause the eventual squirting if you are doing things right.

There are some things that you need to know. You already know that you can’t force this and that it takes time. You should also know that there will come a point where she feels the need to pee. She doesn’t actually have to pee. This is a sign that squirting is not far off. Keep going, regardless, or you will lose it. Also, when she starts to cum, you can’t stop. You have to keep going as she is climaxing to create the squirting effect. Be prepared, because squirting produces a lot of liquid and will likely soak everything within reach if it is done correctly.

Foreplay Makes All the Difference with the G Spot

The G spot is one of the most fantastic areas of the female body to work with during sexual intercourse. To do this properly though, a little foreplay has to come up. Foreplay can literally change the g spot experience for the better if you know how to do it and what it does for the body. Even though this takes time away from the actual intercourse, it can produce a much better orgasm in the end. If you have not tried foreplay in your sex life, some of the information below may inspire you to do so.

When a woman goes through proper foreplay, her G spot actually swells. This makes it much more sensitive during sex, and it allows the woman to orgasm faster than she would be able to otherwise. Foreplay can involve anything from oral sex to playing with a sex toy and beyond. Many women like to use passionate kissing as their source of foreplay, and others like to use breast stimulation as a source of pre-sex pleasure. Whatever the case may be, taking time out for foreplay is going to be wise in the end.

Good foreplay can also make a woman’s vagina naturally wet. This makes it easier to slide things in and out of it, and it can create great G spot orgasms in time. Whether the item being used is a dildo or a penis, it will have a better time going in and out of the vagina with the lubrication in place. It is true that this lube could also come from artificial sources, but that may not be ideal. The best lubes to opt for in those cases are warming sensation ones, but the female body can produce that on its own with the right foreplay.

Foreplay helps women get through the mental aspect of sex. This may be even more important than stimulating the G spot. Whenever a woman’s mind is in the right place to have sex, she is going to have a much easier time actually enjoying herself and having an orgasm. Thus it is your job now to focus on foreplay techniques that work for you or the woman in your life. This could literally be anything as long as it arouses a woman before sex. Commit the time to the discovery and you will have the best success with your sexual experiences.

Difference Between the Male G Spot and Female G Spot

Men and women have different bodies entirely, from the hair to the toes. One area of both bodies that share the same name is the G spot. The female G spot was the original body part to be called that, but then men developed a name for it as well. The male G spot and the female G spot vary greatly in terms of what they are and what they do. If you have been wondering about each of these unique parts, the information below should help you see them for what they truly are.

The male G spot is located in the anus. The spot is supposed to be a sensitive area of the anus that mimics the female G spot in terms of growing sensitive and producing an orgasm. This is better known as the prostate, and it is located right behind the bladder. The rectum bumps up against the prostate, and that is why anal sex for men will lead to prostate stimulation. This male G spot is linked to the secretion of semen in the body, and it can yield an orgasm it is played with the right way.

The female G spot is also located right by the bladder, but it does not have to be approached through the anus. Men can stimulate the female G spot through the vagina because it is located on the front most wall of the vagina. This sensitive area will swell up when a woman is aroused, and through repeated motions on it, a woman can orgasm. The female G spot is easier to get to in many ways because the vagina is easily to stretch and mold to something going inside it. The anus is not quite as easy to penetrate.

Regardless of what G spot you are aiming to please, just remember to keep a slow but rhythmic motion at first. Then you can move onto something a bit quicker, depending on what feels better to the person at the time. Most men do not stimulate their G spots, but there are some that enjoy anal play every now and then. Women have a hard time developing an orgasm with theirs, but that can happen as well. All it takes is a little sexual experimenting and persistence. If you are willing to put forth the effort, you should have great experiences after this.

Find Your G Spot Before He Does

For some women, the concept of masturbating is just absurd. They assume that the only sexual activity they are supposed to have is with a male partner of theirs. If you are one of those kinds of thinkers, you may want to reconsider the idea of working everything out on your own before you have a man in your life. While it is somewhat fun to find your special spots, like your G spot, with someone else, it can also be a very frustrating mood killer if you don’t figure things out. If you play with yourself ahead of time though, you will have an idea of what you should be doing with a partner.

The G spot is not exactly the easiest area of the body to pinpoint if you do not know what you are looking for, and that is one of the main reasons why it is best to masturbate before you have sex for the first time with someone. TheĀ G spot is about three inches inside the vagina walls, right behind the bladder. If you aim for that area and not the deeper part of the vagina like most women try, you will have a much better experience with sex in the end.

You can find your G spot with your fingers or a sex toy. Insert either of them into the vagina with the end pressed as if it was trying to go to the clit. It is best if you do this after you are fully aroused because that is when you will be the most sensitive. When you press something up there, you should get a sensation somewhat like you would if you had to use the restroom. You may also experience a warming sensation in your body, feeling a sudden urge to cool down. This is all good.

In time, you can tap the G spot enough to create an orgasm. Sometimes you can add some clitoral play for a little extra pleasure. The only thing you need to remember is not to masturbate too much. That may make you immune to the pleasures that a male body can provide you with. Take some time to learn about yourself, and then you will have an easier time helping your man please you. Both of you can enjoy your orgasm in the end, at least if everything goes according to plan.

Arousal Ideas to Increase G Spot Sensitivity

Every woman has a G spot, which is a special zone in the human body that can be stimulated during sex for pleasure. If it is stimulated in the right way, the result is an orgasm unlike any other. To increase the chances of that happening, you may want to think about some intense foreplay before the actual intercourse. That will cause the G spot to swell, and it will make that area more sensitive in the end. Here is a look at what you can do to get the G spot ready to go.

One of the easiest forms of foreplay to work with is oral sex. During oral sex, another person puts his or her tongue on the clitoris and moves it in circles or short flicks. By doing that, it creates pleasure in the clitoris, which can actually cause a woman to orgasm if it is prolonged. The idea here though is just to get the woman aroused enough to have a throbbing G spot. Then it is time for insertion. Oral can easily transition into vaginal or manual intercourse as you want it to.

Another great form of foreplay is a passionate kissing session. You can slowly take your partner’s clothes off as you kiss, and you may even run your hands over the person’s private area. That acts as a tease of sorts for what is later to come. If you can get a woman fantasizing about an event to come in the future, she may get wet enough to start the action. That wetness is almost always a sign that the G spot is ready for stimulation, even though the lubricant does not come from the G spot in particular. They get stimulated at the same time.

Adult films are often great ways to get a woman aroused if she is not opposed to the idea of porn. This can allow her to see what may happen and fantasize about the events in her head, and from there she can get her body ready for the taking. There are tons of other ideas that may be more fetish-based, so you may just want to explore your options through experimentation. Every woman has the possibility of getting a good sex life. It is just a matter of how much foreplay it takes to make that happen. You can see so for yourself in your own sex life.