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What is a Squirting Orgasm?

There are many mysteries and myths surrounding the female ejaculation. So many guys are curious about how to make a girl squirt, but they really don’t know what squirting is or where the fluid is coming from.

That’s a problem…

Thankfully our female orgasm expert Jason Julius is here to help. In one of his latest videos Jason gives us some great insight on what exactly a squirting orgasm is and why it’s so important to be able to give one to your woman. Watch, enjoy and learn.

Knowing The Ins And Outs Of The Squirting Orgasm

A squirting orgasm is achieved when a woman is able to ejaculate during orgasm, and these types of orgasms have quite a few myths, with a few truths, associated with them. Squirting orgasms are achievable for many women, but not quite all, and getting to know a woman’s body a bit better is key to being able to unlock the mysteries of these types of very powerful orgasms. Many women find that squirting orgasms, or “wet orgasms” are far more intense than their “dry” counterparts, but they’re still not quite what you may see in porn.

A few myths associated with squirting orgasms are:

1. The big gush – This is something that’s a big seller in porn, which leads many to believe that this is what to be expected with a squirting orgasm, but this isn’t necessarily the truth. In porn, things needs to be bigger, better, more visible, and part of the fantasy, so it’s really no wonder why they use a “big gush” tactic when showing this type of orgasm on screen. Not to burst any bubbles, but this typically isn’t exactly real, and these big gushes are normally caused by water being pumped into the vagina pre-scene or having a woman urinate with force under the guise of an orgasm. In truth, a squirting orgasm will only produce about a teaspoon to a few tablespoons of fluid, and it could come out with a forceful squirt or a simpler dribble.

2. Squirting orgasms are universally more intense – Every woman’s body is different, and this rule applies to orgasms as well. A squirting orgasm may be significantly more intense for some women when compared to “dry” orgasms, and others may find they prefer the latter. For this reason, it’s always best to keep open communication with your partner to ensure they’re getting the satisfaction they want out of any orgasm experience.

3. It’s comprised of urine – This is probably one of the most common myths associated with squirting orgasms, and we have the medical science of the 1980’s to thank for it. Way back when, as squirting orgasms were first being brought to the attention of medical science, many theories revolved around these types of orgasms squirting mostly urine, but this bit of information is quite outdated. Modern medical science has now begun to theorize that the fluid created by a squirting orgasm is actually coming from the Skene’s glands inside of the vagina, rather than urine coming from the bladder.

With a realistic and myth-free approach to the female squirting orgasm, a couple can better understand just what causes these types of orgasms and what they can expect when they or their partner experiences one. Learning more about squirting orgasms as they pertain to a person’s individual body make-up will need to consist of learning more about that partner’s body and just what they like, but this can be quite the fun and informative journey into exciting trial and error!


Learning How To Make A Woman Squirt

how to make a girl squirtFor those trying to learn how to make a woman squirt, this can seem like an intimidating and difficult task. Is squirting real? Is it just something you see in porn? Can any woman do it? When it comes to squirting, it seems, there are a ton more questions than answers, but the concept of squirting is actually one that’s quite simple when you know what to do. The orgasms associated with squirting are some of the most intense a woman can have, usually, and this is something that is actually achievable for most women when they find the right partner.

One general rule that every person should follow when learning how to make a woman squirt is making her comfortable; this type of orgasm is one that can only be achieved when she is relaxed enough to allow herself to have it. Any reservations she may have, or feelings of self-consciousness, can cause this to be an unsuccessful venture, so making her feel at ease should be the first step in mastering your technique.

Before the foreplay gets underway, a woman should go to the bathroom and empty her bladder first, as the intense feeling of a squirting orgasm can sometimes feel very similar to the urge to urinate. The glands that cause squirting are placed very near the urethra inside of the vagina, and the muscle contractions associated with the orgasm can cause a similar feeling to urination urges. Also, emptying the bladder can help her to be more relaxed during the whole process, and this can make for a much more successful experience in learning how to make a woman squirt.

Next, you’ll want to make sure she’s in a comfortable position, and the best position when learning how to make a woman squirt is for her to lie on her back with her backside slightly elevated by resting on a pillow. With knees spread apart, you’ll then have ample access to all of her sweet spots and erogenous zones, and the real fun of foreplay can begin. During foreplay, make sure to pay attention to her entire body, and to build up as much anticipation as possible before really getting down to business. The more aroused she is, the easier it will be to feel for her G spot, and this will create an easier experience in achieving a squirting orgasm.

Once the woman is relaxed, aroused, and ready, it’ll then be time to pay attention to her verbal and body language when trying to make a woman squirt. The best way to go about learning how to make a woman squirt is to welcome open communication through all steps of the process, and to simultaneously look for subtle body clues telling you you’re bringing her close to orgasm. Trying different rhythms, methods, and even toys can aid you greatly in learning how to make a woman squirt, and this can be done through manual stimulation, intercourse, or penetration using G spot oriented toys.

How To Find A Woman’s Squirting Spot

Hey guys, it’s J-Man back with another video…

A question came in on from a visitor and he asked How do I find my wife’s “squirting spot”.

So I thought I’d answer it quick.

The squirting spot that he’s inquiring about is the G Spot.

If you didn’t already know proper G Spot stimulation with your finger or penis can cause a woman to ejaculate.

This is what is commonly referred to as squirting.

If you wanna know more about squirting specifically check out my site I have a lot of videos and articles on it.

So how you find this magical squirting spot or G Spot? Well it’s actually quite simple.

First it’s important to make sure that your woman is fully aroused. The reason is because the G Spot will swell and become more pronounced the more turned on se gets. So don’t skimp on the foreplay.

Then using your index finger insert it with your palm facing up about to the second knuckle.

Begin stroking using a come hither motion and you should feel a wrinkled or ridged area similar to a raisin.

This is the G Spot or general area that you want to stimulate to get your woman to ejaculate.

So there you have it that’s how you find The G Spot aka a woman’s squirting spot.

Is Female Ejaculation For Real?

Think that female ejaculation is just pee? Then you better think again and watch this video by Jason Julius. He explains everything you need to know to win that next argument at the bar when you buddies start talking about squirting orgasms being fake.

What Is A Female Squirting Orgasm?

Hey what’s up?

Today we’re talking about female squirting?

Otherwise known as a female squirting orgasm or female ejaculation.

So what the heck is female squirting?

Female squirting is when a woman experiences a full body orgasm so powerful that she literally squirts fluid out of her urethra.

It’s most common for this type of orgasm to occur from G Spot stimulation using either one’s fingers or penis.

If you’re not expecting your woman to squirt it can understandably come as quite of a shock.

And many couples mistake female ejaculate fluid for pee, but rest assured it’s not.

The fluid that a woman squirts known as female ejaculate is a mostly clear fluid and it has a bit of a sweet taste because it contains glucose.

The feeling of a squirting orgasm coming on is similar to the sensation of needing to pee. For this reason many women who are squirters often hold it back because they don’t understand what’s going on and thus never experience the full effects of the orgasm or might not have an orgasm at all.

The female squirting orgasm is kind of the holy grail of female orgasms and once you master being able to give your woman this type of orgasm consistently, you’ll have one happy lady on your hands.

Make A Woman Squirt


How To Make A Woman Squirt

Ah yes, the age old question…

How to make a Woman squirt…

If you’re a guy I’m sure this question has crossed your mind at least a few times before.

Well lucky for you it’s not hard at all…

The first step is to locate the G Spot on the woman you’re going to be stimulating.

The G Spot will be located 1 – 2 inches inside the woman’s vagina along the front wall.

At rest the G Spot will be completely flat, however as she become more aroused it will begin to ballon out and become more pronounced.

This is why LOTS and LOTS of foreplay is VERY important before you move into vaginal stimulation.

The G Spot will have a wrinkle or ridged feel, compared to the smooth area around it.

Kind of like the texture of a raisin or walnut.

Now onto the technique…

Insert your index finger with your palm up inside her vagina about to the second knuckle and start feeling around the front wall.

Once you have located the G Spot the next step is to start stimulation.

You’re going to do this using a “come here” motion with your index finger with medium to firm pressure.

Make sure and watch her body language as an indication if you need to change up the pressure or the speed of your strokes.

After a few minutes of stimulation your woman is going to feel like she needs to pee.

However this is not pee she’s feeling, it’s actually the build up of female ejaculate and it’s the first sign that’s she’s going to squirt and you’re getting close.

If she tells you to stop, DON’T!

Keep going at it…

The pleasure is going to keep intensifying for her as you continue stimulation.

As she feels the need to release the build up of ejaculate simply tell her to push it out.

Now change the sheets, because you’ve just been soaked with your female squirting orgasm.