Finding Her G Spot – Video

Some men get easily discouraged during sex because they cannot seem to locate their partners’ G spot. If you have gone through this problem, you may think that finding her G spot is an impossible task. It may actually be much more feasible than you think if you know what to do and how things work down there. With the right guidance, any man can please just about any woman. Here are some tips that should help you the next time you go have sex with your partner.

If you really want to be an expert at finding her G spot, you have to start with the basics. That means that you need to learn where the G spot is in the body. It is not located deep into the vagina like some rumors suggest. That is a different zone that can debatably produce an orgasm. The G spot is only about one to two inches in, and it is not a noticeable “spot” in the vagina. It is just a zone of sensitivity that you have to hope you hit. If you can shoot for right behind the clitoris, you should be able to get pretty close to where you need to be.

Foreplay is going to be your biggest help in finding her G spot. By getting her mind ready for sex, you will actually be able to get your body ready too. Her clit will swell in anticipation, and her G spot will get much more sensitive than it is naturally. This will all work in your favor. Even if it takes you a full day of sexual innuendos and sensual kissing to get her prepared, the night that you will have afterward will be well worth all of your efforts.

You cannot be discouraged when you start finding her G spot. You may not find it right away. Watch your girlfriend masturbate if she knows where it is because then you can just mimic her movements with your body. You can also let her be in charge of the action in the sex so that you can try to do what she does to make everything feel good. If you are confident about your abilities and willing to learn and experiment, you should have no issues at all getting the orgasms you have been looking for. You will be a better lover with a little dedication.

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