G Spot Orgasms

Most people know that an orgasm is supposed to be the best feeling the human body can have by the time they start having sex. What remains unknown is what the orgasm may feel like, especially from a girl’s perspective. Some women never get to experience G spot orgasms because they cannot figure out where their G spots are and what to do with them. Nevertheless, it is possible for every woman to have this amazing feeling if she sticks her mind to it. Here is a look at what a G spot orgasm feels like so you can anticipate what you may feel in the future.

G spot orgasms are usually much longer lasting than clitoral orgasms because it takes a little while for the G spot to build up sensitivity. While the G spot is being stimulated though, some women get the sensation that they have to use the bathroom. That is because the G spot is right behind the bladder, so the bladder gets stimulated at the same time. Most women do not have trouble holding back their urine sex, and some even like the feeling that this act produces. It is supposed to heighten the pleasure as a whole.

Many women get very hot right before their G spot orgasms. Intercourse involves a lot of energy and movement, resulting in heavy sweating and hot flashes as the blood rushes to different parts of the body. Most women also feel a trembling sensation in their legs at this time because the body is preparing itself for a climax.  All of this could happen in a matter of minutes or even seconds, depending on how long the sex has gone on. Whatever the time frame may be, most women are willing to wait through the shakes for the big event.

Actual G spot orgasms consist of muscle releases in the vaginal area. If you ever see a vagina orgasm up close, you can see it open and shut like the way a fish’s mouth moves. The opening and closing of the muscles obviously leads to pleasure for a woman or there would not be such a hype about orgasms in the first place. Many women will breathe heavily out of exhaustion or even moan because the climax felt so good. Every orgasm is a little different, but now you at least have an overview of what a G spot orgasm should feel like.

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