Have You Found Her G Spot Yet?

If there is one topic that confuses men the most about sex, it is finding the G spot. This is because the G spot is tucked away into the vagina. It is not out in the open like the clitoris is, which is am lot easier to create an orgasm from. Instead, it is about three inches inside on the vaginal wall, and it can be hard to find if you do not know what you are feeling for. With this knowledge in place though, you should have no troubles at all getting your woman to orgasm over and over again.

You can stimulate the G spot in many different ways. You can use your own penis, a sex toy, your fingers, or something else along those lines. Sometimes finding the G spot is simply a matter of watching your partner find it for you. You can watch your girlfriend masturbate and then try to mimic the way she moves whenever you have sex. You can also let her be on top for your next round of sex so she controls where your penis goes. Then you would just need to follow a similar path the next time you are inside of her. Use your resources and you will have no issues making a great discovery.

Finding the G spot does not mean that you should ignore the clitoris. This can be stimulated at the same time the G spot is stimulated to create an ultimate pleasure area for your partner. By rubbing on your partner’s clitoris as she maneuvers her body on top of yours, you can truly make her orgasms spectacular. Some women love using a vibrator on their clit as they have their G spot stimulated, so do not be afraid to incorporate a toy. This will make you an even better lover than you may already be.

Once you get consistent with finding the G spot, all you have to do is repeat the process. This is no excuse to make your sex life boring though. You should still be willing to experiment with new positions and other ideas to see if you can create all new orgasms for your partner. Before you give up on finding the G spot, take a little help from a tutorial or even from your partner. Then all you will have to do is apply your new found knowledge to the next round of sex you have.

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