How to Hit the G Spot

It is natural to want to learn how to hit the G spot. This is, after all, supposed to be the place on the female body where she can feel the most pleasure. The G spot can reportedly produce the best orgasms possible, and it can even create multiple orgasms if you stimulate it correctly. If you are a man wanting to learn about the G spot and all of its wonder, you may want to take some training from the woman in your life. She will be one of the best teachers you can have.

The reason why it is beneficial to let your woman show you how to hit the G spot is because every woman is a little different. Some of them like fast, hard hits, and others like soft and quick ones. The location of the G spot is the same for most women, but there is a little variation there that you may have to look into as well. If you are aiming for a one night stand, this may not apply to you. If you want to establish a long term sexual relationship with someone though, you need to learn what is going to work for her.

You could start by letting her masturbate while you watch. This is usually a good idea for new couples who may not be quite ready for vaginal intercourse yet. Watching a woman masturbate can be a very erotic experience, and then you can learn how to hit the G spot just the way she does when she is on her own. The only time this will not work is if she masturbates with just her clitoris. Many women do this, and as a result, you may have to move on to another plan.

For that other plan, you can let your woman ride on top of you during sex. In this case, she will be in control of the motions and the orgasms that come from them. You can monitor her thrusting so that you know how to hit the G spot just like she likes it. She will manipulate her body to something that feels good for her because that is all she will know to do. Then you can just watch and mimic the movements later on. If you are a willing student, you can make your teacher beg for more the next time you have a special lesson together.


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