The Secret To Unlocking The Gushing Orgasm

A gushing orgasm is a term that is often used interchangeably with a squirting orgasm, but in truth, these things are slightly different. While the actual climax associate with both comes from the G spot, and has an incredible feeling of intensity, the different lies in the pressure, and while a squirting climax will, quite literally, squirt, a gushing orgasm will have more of a gushing pressure instead. A gushing orgasm can be achieved with the right inner stimulation, and as a woman gets more comfortable having gushing orgasms, the gushing itself may even begin to rise in intensity.

The first step in unlocking a gushing orgasm is finding the proper stimulation, and this type of stimulation will vary from woman to woman. While you may be experienced with outer or clitoral orgasms, gushing orgasms will require some inner stimulation, and this can be done with or without clitoral stimulation being performed simultaneously. Some women find that getting to the point of a gushing orgasm is easier with some clitoral stimulation, while others find it to be a distraction, so it’s best to listen to your partner and to communicate which methods may be working best.

Before stimulating the G spot and inner portions of the vagina, make sure to make her completely at ease and totally aroused. Building up the anticipation factor is a great way to ensure some pressure behind a gushing orgasm, and allowing her to clear her mind will give her what she needs mentally to bring herself to that point. Many women may have reservations and a thought of social stigma associated with gushing orgasms, and this can lead to these types of orgasms being almost impossible to achieve, so it’s best to let her know that this is something you both want to find success in.

After she is relaxed and aroused, and you’re really getting down to business, she may feel as though she has the urge to urinate before the gushing orgasm occurs, but it’s important to reassure her that this is a completely natural part of the climax. A gushing orgasm comes from fluid buildup in the Skene’s glands, which are located in close proximity to the bladder and urethra, and as the fluid builds itself to gush, it can cause the same pressure that a woman will feel when the urge to go to the bathroom occurs. It’s at this point in the process that many women try to stop themselves from following through with the climax, but they should be reassured that the feeling, and the gush, are completely natural.

With the right communication, openness, and relaxation, a gushing orgasm is something that is actually achievable for most women. Many women find that once they’ve had their first gushing orgasm, the intensity of the experience is unforgettable, and it soon becomes a goal they have during each and every sexual activity. The G spot stimulation required for a gushing orgasm can be achieved through manual, toy, or intercourse stimulation, and the preference depends solely on the woman!

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