What Does a G Spot Look Like?

There are many questions that emerge whenever people start to explore their bodies and the ideas of sex. Men and women alike often ask experts, “What does a G spot look like?” The answer to this question may not be as clear as you think it is. The fact is that the G spot has no “look” to it because it is inside of the vagina. You cannot see it at all unless you look at diagrams of the female body. If you are on a question to actually see a G spot, you might as well stop now. Otherwise the information below may at least help you find the G spot when you need to.

Once you realize that there is no answer to “What does a G spot look like?” you may want to figure out where it is. The G spot is located inside of the vagina, and it is about three inches inside. It is easy to visualize it if you assume that it is located right behind the clitoris. That is not actually the case, but it is something to keep in mind as you have sex because it can at least create a connection for you.

If you want to find the G spot beyond asking “What does a G spot look like?” you need to stick your fingers in the vagina so that the knuckles face toward your back. This will allow your fingers to curve inside and actually press on the G spot for stimulation. If a woman is aroused, you can make a “come here” motion with your fingers so that you tap on that spot over and over again. This will create a positive sensation that may lead to an orgasm.

If you hear someone ask “What does a G spot look like?” just tell them that it does not look like anything. Some people say that the G spot looks like the letter G inside of the body, but that is not true either. It is named after the scientist that discovered it, and the G has nothing to do with its shape. This area is just a smooth part of the vagina like anything else, but it is highly sensitive during sex. You can now use that knowledge the next time you masturbate or try to please a woman. Let the G spot work in your favor.


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