Difference Between the Male G Spot and Female G Spot

Men and women have different bodies entirely, from the hair to the toes. One area of both bodies that share the same name is the G spot. The female G spot was the original body part to be called that, but then men developed a name for it as well. The male G spot and the female G spot vary greatly in terms of what they are and what they do. If you have been wondering about each of these unique parts, the information below should help you see them for what they truly are.

The male G spot is located in the anus. The spot is supposed to be a sensitive area of the anus that mimics the female G spot in terms of growing sensitive and producing an orgasm. This is better known as the prostate, and it is located right behind the bladder. The rectum bumps up against the prostate, and that is why anal sex for men will lead to prostate stimulation. This male G spot is linked to the secretion of semen in the body, and it can yield an orgasm it is played with the right way.

The female G spot is also located right by the bladder, but it does not have to be approached through the anus. Men can stimulate the female G spot through the vagina because it is located on the front most wall of the vagina. This sensitive area will swell up when a woman is aroused, and through repeated motions on it, a woman can orgasm. The female G spot is easier to get to in many ways because the vagina is easily to stretch and mold to something going inside it. The anus is not quite as easy to penetrate.

Regardless of what G spot you are aiming to please, just remember to keep a slow but rhythmic motion at first. Then you can move onto something a bit quicker, depending on what feels better to the person at the time. Most men do not stimulate their G spots, but there are some that enjoy anal play every now and then. Women have a hard time developing an orgasm with theirs, but that can happen as well. All it takes is a little sexual experimenting and persistence. If you are willing to put forth the effort, you should have great experiences after this.

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