G Spot Orgasm

Some people do not realize that women can have several different kinds of orgasms. There are two main zones in the female body that can produce a climax like this. One is the G spot and the other is the clitoris. A G spot orgasm is much different than a clitoral orgasm, even if they both feel amazing in the end. Learning the difference between these two orgasms should give you a better idea of what you want to achieve during sex. Read on to discover what the differences are between the clit and the G spot when it comes to “the big O.”

A G spot orgasm obviously comes from a different location than a clitoral orgasm. A clitoral orgasm is formed from the clitoris, which is hidden under the clitoral hood. The G spot is actually located inside of the vagina, right on the front wall. It is only about 1 –  2  inches in, and it swells up whenever a woman becomes aroused. Simply put, the clit is on the outside and the G spot is on the inside.

The location of these zones has a big impact on the way they are stimulated. The clitoris can be stimulated through oral sex, manual sex, dry humping, etc. It just cannot be stimulated through vaginal intercourse. However, you can get a G spot orgasm through vaginal intercourse since it is located inside of the vagina. You can also stimulate the G spot manually, but you cannot get anything from it through oral sex. The tongue is not strong enough or long enough to go inside and be able to do much of anything. You need something that can penetrate the body for that to happen.

A clitoral orgasm does not take long to form at all, and it is usually just an intense burst of energy. After that happens, most women are too sensitive and exhausted down there to have another orgasm. With a G spot orgasm, it takes a long time to build up pleasure. The difference is that it can produce multiple orgasms, or it can create one long and intense orgasm. For the ultimate pleasure though, it is best to simulate the G spot and the clitoris at the same time. Then the whole body will shake in pleasure as the woman climaxes over and over again.


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