G Spot Squirting – Can Every Woman Squirt?

G spot squirting is a sexual phenomenon that has become a popular fetish over the years. This process involves a woman having an orgasm and then shooting a clear liquid out of her vagina. This is also known as female ejaculation, and it is a big turn on for a lot of men. How does it work though, and can every woman squirt? These are the kinds of questions that seemingly plague the minds of the sexually active. Here are some basic answers to frequently asked questions about squirting. They should be able to help you understand the process a little better.

There are some people that claim that every woman can squirt. The problem is that there are very few women in the world that actually do experience G spot squirting. Those that do tend to happen upon their abilities by accident, either through masturbation or through intercourse. At this time, it is not totally clear as to what the truth is. It is possible that all women can do this but only a select few know how, and it is just as possible that it is an ability that is hit or miss. You can form your opinion about it from there.

G spot squirting has become so popular because it is an obvious indication of an orgasm. Men and women alike like to watch this act in porn because it shows that the woman in the adult film is truly having an orgasm. That makes the sex seem much better and more realistic in the end. The squirting does look a bit messy, like the woman’s vagina is uncontrollably shooting water all over the place. You will just have to look at some footage of it to see what it is like for yourself.

If you are going to try to induce G spot squirting, the best idea is to get the woman involved highly aroused ahead of time. Then her body will be as ready as it can be for pleasure. You can then move on to actually stimulating the G spot through some form of penetration. If the woman has her G spot stimulated enough, her muscles will react and she will start squirting. Then you just have to worry about the cleanup afterward. Sometimes the best things in life are the messiest ones to take care of. This is no exception.


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