Female G Spot Facts

gspotIt is a mythical pleasure zone deep within a woman that many men have heard about but have no idea how to find. This special erogenous zone is thought to be as sensitive as the clitoris and stimulation of it can create pleasure that may even be more intense than a clitoral orgasm. Once you learn how to find the G Spot, you will be able to give a woman the most earth-shattering, memorable, orgasm she’s ever had.

The G Spot is an area found a few inches inside the vaginal opening. It is named after a German doctor, Ernst Grafenber, who invented the IUD. He wrote an article in 1950 talking about an area inside a woman’s vagina that could be stimulated to cause an orgasm.

Grafenber believed that stimulating a particular area along the vaginal wall would actually stimulate the urethra – used to urinate – and would cause engorgement and an orgasm. In 1981, doctors named this area the G Spot to acknowledge Grafenber. They also explained how to find the G Spot, but many hard facts about it are still elusive.

Theories about exactly what the G Spot are range from it being a gland or the root of the clitoris or erectile tissue or even the woman’s version of a prostrate gland. Whatever it is, enough women out there say it causes mind-blowing orgasms. The area has been described as both a bump and also a ridge or rough patch of tissue that is located about two inches inside the vaginal opening and is deep within the vaginal tissue.

Here’s How To Find The G Spot:

Ask the woman to lie on her back and with a clean index finger reach inside the vaginal opening and crook your finger up toward her naval about two inches. Press firmly on the vaginal wall tissue and very slowly explore the area, moving your finger around and also using a tapping motion. Feel for either a quarter-size bump or a patch that feels thicker or rougher than the surrounding tissue, while also asking the woman to let you know if any spot feels particularly sensitive to your touch. Don’t be afraid to apply pressure when you are learning how to find the G Spot because it is deeply embedded in the tissue.

It really helps to have the woman communicate any sensitivity she feels during your exploration. She’ll know when you find it because it will either feel fantastic or make her feel some discomfort, such as the feeling that she needs to urinate. For many women, even though they feel like they have to urinate, what ends up happening instead is a female ejaculation as stimulation of that area leads to fluid released from glands right there.

If you don’t find it right away, you might try putting the palm of your other hand on the outside of the woman’s pubic area and pressing down gently. Some men use sex aids, such as dildos, to help find the G Spot inside. In addition, during intercourse, you can learn how to find the G Spot most easily by rubbing the penis in this area during doggy style sex.

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