A G Spot Masturbation Guide for Women

Women seem to have a harder time masturbating than men do. Men simply grab a hold of their penises one day and stroke them until something feels good. Women have to take a longer way around the matter. One of the main reasons why many women struggle to masturbate enjoyably is because they do not know how their bodies work. You do not have to worry about being one of those women anymore. The guide below should help you see how you can masturbate and get tons of pleasure from your G spot and other areas of the body in the end. Follow the guide the next time you get a moment alone.

First, you need to realize what parts of your body are meant to create an orgasm. There are two main areas to think about: the G spot and the clitoris. Some women can also get pleasure from their anuses, but that is usually not the case. For the other two spots though, the clitoris is going to be the easiest to stimulate. It is the skinny line of skin that is on the front of your pelvis, covered by two flaps. The G spot is located on the inside of the vagina, directly behind the clitoris.

To masturbate with your clitoris, you should make it just a little wet. That can be from lube, spit, water, vaginal secretions, or whatever else you want it to be. Then you can either use your finger or a vibrator to create simple and fluid circles on top of the clit. You can also lie on top of a vibrator and move your pelvis all around to achieve this orgasm. For a G spot orgasm, you need to insert something into your vagina that can tap that spot repetitively. Then you will eventually orgasm.

You can improve either form of masturbation by getting fully aroused before you actually start to play with yourself. That will make your G spot swell, and it will make your clitoris fill with blood. Any movement that comes on those two areas after that will lead to a climax of some sort. You can always just try something new to see what happens because you can usually orgasm no matter what. You just have to get your mind into it. Take some time to play around with some ideas and you will be satisfied with your resulting orgasm.

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