A Guide: How To Make A Woman Orgasm

Discover the best tips and techniques for making a woman orgasm.

Discover the best tips and techniques for making a woman orgasm.

For many men, how to make a woman orgasm can be something of a mystery, but all that needs to be known in order to achieve this is a little bit about the female anatomy, and how a woman climaxes. Women can actually have two different types of orgasms, with inner and outer types, and while many men have the outer type under control, it’s the inner type that remains somewhat elusive. For women, the key to how to make a woman orgasm is getting into the right mindset, and this is also subsequently the same reason that many women find themselves having trouble achieving orgasm at all.

Whether a man wishes to learn how to make a woman orgasm on the inside or the outside, one important fact remains – she must be relaxed. Any reservations associated with taking too long, doubts about her body, or any other concerns can be an orgasm killer, so it’s her partner’s job to help her to get to the right mindset and stay there all throughout the activity. Everyday stresses, like those associated with work or home life, can also put a huge damper on achieving orgasm, so it’s best to take a bit of time out before getting down to business to release and relax completely.

When it comes to how to make a woman orgasm on the outside, this is often a simpler technique. Once she’s relaxed, stimulating the clitoris as well as other erogenous zones at the same time is a great way to warm her up and bring her to orgasm while performing a single act. While stimulating the clitoris through oral or manual sex, it’s important not to place too much pressure or roughness on the area, as this small part of her body is absolutely jam packed with highly sensitive nerve endings, and these nerve endings only grow more sensitive as she becomes aroused. When stimulating the clitoris and learning how to make a woman orgasm in this way, encourage open communication and have her tell you just what she likes every step of the way.

Inner orgasms, or the orgasms achieved during intercourse, are a little bit trickier, and it may require a few tries and a few different methods to figure out what really works. When learning how to make a woman orgasm in this way, communication is incredibly important, and a partner should pay close attention to her involuntary physical cues, as well as her verbal cues, to know what is working for her. Typically, these types of orgasms require a bit of G spot stimulation, and once the right method is perfected, it should result in some of the most intense climax experiences she’s ever had.

It’s also possible to stimulate both the clitoris and the G spot simultaneously, and after it’s learned just how to make a woman orgasm, this type of dual stimulation can really create a mind-blowing experience. With the proper arousal and relaxation, this can even create a chain reaction of multiple orgasms that will have her coming back for more!


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