What Is The Female Orgasm For?

Female OrgasmIt’s not hard to realize why a man has an orgasm. Actually, it’s rather obvious once you see it. The man’s orgasm propels sperm deep into the vagina to give the sperm the best possible chance of reaching the egg for procreation. But, what isn’t so obvious is what the female orgasm is for. A female can do her part in procreation with or without having an orgasm. An orgasm is not needed to have sexual intercourse and an orgasm is not needed to conceive. So, then, what is it for?

This is a question that has plagued the health professional field for decades, and unfortunately has not been answered yet. But, with the many studies that have been done or that are currently taking place regarding the female orgasm, we are closer than ever to finding an answer. There have been a variety of theories popping up over the past few years. Some of these theories state that women orgasm so that they are encouraged to have sex more often, that it leads them to healthier and stronger men, to maximize the survival of offspring, or to encourage reproduction.

And then there are professionals like Dr. Elisabeth A. Lloyd, who have looked at most of these theories and have come to the conclusion that there is no evolutionary function of the female orgasm. Dr. Lloyd likes the theory that Dr. Donald Symons, an anthropologist, stated in 1979, which was that the female orgasm is simply a byproduct from the short time in the womb when female and male embryos developed the same. Just like male nipples. In other words, it’s just for fun! Another similar theory suggests that the female orgasm is an adaptive trait from our pre-human ancestors and that it is phasing out, which is why so many women have trouble climaxing.

Just think about all the historical pictures and references of women deep in the ecstasy of sex, their sexuality, and the images of women in the throes of orgasm. It does seem like that is rare now-a-days. One thing is for sure, and that is that scientists, researchers, and other health professionals will continue to study this topic until the purpose of the female orgasm is known. Dr. Lloyd points out that the answer could help a lot of women and that the answer will have both personal and social consequences for both men and women.

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