Different Women Can Have Up To Four Different Types Of Orgasms

Four Female OrgasmsMost of you know that the female orgasm can be a tricky thing to find. Almost half of American women claim to have some sort of orgasm trouble. Some of you might be surprised to know, or simply haven’t thought about it, that there are four different types of female orgasms, a-spot, clitoral, anal, and g-spot. With all the different types of orgasm a woman can have, and then having the ability have various levels of orgasmic intensity, you will quickly realize that different women can have different orgasms, and even the same woman can have different orgasms.

The female orgasm depends greatly on the emotional state of the woman. It’s true that she has to be in the mood, but the kind of mood she’s in can play a significant role in the amount of pleasure her orgasm provides her with. The most pleasurable is the g-spot, which is often compared to having a clitoris orgasm and a vaginal orgasm at the same time. The most common orgasm is a clitoral orgasm and the least common is the a spot orgasm. Many people may be surprised to hear that the vaginal orgasm (A spot and G Spot) isn’t as common, but that is because almost half of American women cannot achieve an orgasm with only vaginal stimulation.

The relationship a woman has with her sexual partner can alter the intensity and level of pleasure of a female orgasm. If she in nervous, fearful, shy, or reserved, she may not experience a high pleasured orgasm. If the woman is tired, stressed, worried, or anxious, these could also negatively affect the level of the orgasm. Also, her previous sexual encounters, her culture, and her family history can all affect her orgasm. But that’s not all. If she’s taking medication or illegal drugs, that can affect her orgasm, as well as if she has an illness.

In order to have the best possible female orgasm she can, she’ll need to throw her expectations out the window. Instead of thinking about the orgasm, she needs to enjoy this close and personal time with her partner. She needs to focus on her physical sensations and let the feelings of pleasure consume her entire mind. This is not the time for her to think about emptying the dishwasher or washing the dog. The more relaxed and at ease she feels within her body, the better her orgasms will be.

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