A Guide to Multiple G Spot Orgasms

The G spot is such a unique part of female anatomy because it can lead to a phenomenon known as multiple orgasms. In this case, a woman does not climax just one time. She has a chain of orgasms that could range anywhere from two to two hundred. It just depends on the person experiencing them. Most women cannot have more than two or three orgasms at a time, but others have no trouble getting well over ten. If you are looking to either provide or receive multiple orgasms, the guide below should show you the tricks that make them happen.

You can only get multiple orgasms through the G spot. You can try time and time again with the clitoris, but it just gets too sensitive after it orgasms. With the G spot, there is no limit to how many orgasms it can produce. Most women who stop after three or so do that because they get too tired to continue with the sex. That is not because they want to stop the sex. You can stimulate the clit at the same time you stimulate the G spot, but the G spot will be the victor in the end.

It is usually easiest to get multiple orgasms when the woman is on top. That puts her in control of the action, and it allows her to move her body so her G spot is readily accessible. With the woman on top, the man can easily use his finger or a vibrator to play with her clitoris as she rides on top, and that will further the stimulation that could lead to a multi-orgasm. Dual stimulation can lead any woman into an intense and passionate orgasm no matter what the circumstances are.

There does not need to be a lot of jumping around to have a multi-orgasm. The trick is to have the penis repetitively tapping on the G spot so that the woman is constantly sensitive and constantly climaxing. Do this in the right way and you are guaranteed to have multiple orgasms. This takes a little bit of time and experimenting, but at least there is the option to have fun during the experiment. If you are persistent enough in your pursuit of multiple orgasms, you will be able to have a fantastic experience in the end. You are capable of doing anything you put your mind to.


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