Best Sex Positions to Target the Female G Spot

The G spot is a sensitive area of the female body that is often linked to sexual orgasms. In other words, it’s the spot you want to hit as a man if you want to send your partner’s heartbeat into overdrive. There are many women in the world that naturally know how to position themselves in sex for G spot stimulation. For others, a little experimentation is necessary to find it and work its magic. If you are looking for a sex position that will bring forth an orgasm every time, read on below. Here are the best sex positions for the female G spot.

Cowgirl is a common sex position that many couples will try without knowing the name of it. It goes by other names, like “girl on top” or “stallion,” but the basic concept is the same. The man lies on the bed with his erect penis facing upward, and then the woman hops on top. This is a good position because the penis is pointed in the perfect way to hit the G spot, and the woman gets to be in control of the action. She can make herself orgasm, and the man gets to enjoy the ride.

As boring as standard missionary position may be, it too can do wonders for G spot stimulation. This is somewhat like cowgirl, only in reverse. A woman lies down with a pillow underneath her butt with her legs spread, and then the man comes in from the middle and inserts his penis. This puts the penis in the same relation to the G spot as it is in cowgirl, only the man is in control this time. This position does allow for some manual clit stimulation, or the occasional nipple suck – whatever it takes to make the woman in the relationship explode.

Some women can get pleasure from doggie style. In this position, the penis will curve to hit the G spot, but you need to get in at the right angle. This is the classic back door sex position where the woman gets on all fours with her butt cheeks spread open. The man can then insert his penis accordingly and go to town. This works best if the woman puts her head close to the bed, allowing for maximum insertion potential. Test it for yourself and see what happens.

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