Can a Small Penis Still Hit the G Spot?

If there is one thing that men stress about the most, it is the size of their penis. For some reason, men assume that they cannot pleasure a woman unless they are 12 inches long. The average length of an erect male penis is only around 5 inches long, and that means that half the population actually has a penis below that number. If you are worried about being able to please a woman with a “less than average” penis, you should be happy to know that you can in fact hit a G spot with a small penis.

The G spot is not very far in the female body. It is right behind the clitoris and it only rests about three inches inside the vagina. There is another pleasure spot further into the body that you may not be able to reach with a small penis, but there are very few women that gain pleasure from that. For the most part, as long as you have three inches to work with, you should have no trouble tapping on the G spot. You may have even been going in too far before if you have not seen sexual success yet.

When you think about it, a woman can masturbate with her fingers. That means that she only needs the length of her fingers to give her pleasure. The average guy has well over a finger length in erection size, so you should have no issues working with the inches that you have. If you do, it may just be because you are using the wrong position. Get into a sex position where the female is in charge of the action and you should have a much better chance of making her orgasm.

You have to be willing to experiment if you actually want to take on the female G spot. The truth is that most women do not even know where their G spot is, so they cannot help you find it. As long as you have something to work with down below, you can make a woman orgasm with her G spot. Try some heavy foreplay beforehand so she is wet and ready, and then do what it takes to make her explode. She will be begging you for more in no time. Even the smallest of penises can please a woman with the right techniques.



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