Creative Sex Ideas for G Spot Stimulation

The G spot is a part of the female body that is known for producing intense orgasms. Some women can climax five or more times whenever they get their G spot stimulated, as long as the mood and the sex position is right. If you are looking for a creative way to stimulate the G spot in your life, a few of the ideas below may be able to get your thoughts rolling in the right direction. Here are some creative ways that you may be able to produce pleasure for a G spot during sex.

One thing you can always do for G spot stimulation is to have the woman ride on top. There are many variations of the standard cowgirl position that you can try to use for G spot stimulation. A woman can face the front or the back. She can be on her knees or crunched on her feet. The two of you can be on the bed or on a chair. Try whatever you want to try. Put the woman on top and in control though and she will have the greatest chance of hitting her own clitoris.

Another option for G spot stimulation is the use of a sex toy in the middle of oral sex. Either the girl can give the woman oral sex while she uses the toy, or the man can give her oral sex while using the toy at the same time. There are many toys that can do this ranging from G spot vibrators to dildos and beyond. You just have to test a few out to see if they will do anything. You can also use these during anal sex if you want double penetration without a partner. It just depends on whether the woman is okay with having anal sex.

There are tons of other options for G spot stimulation, so the key to all of this is to experiment and see what happens. Take a good amount of time to work on foreplay ahead of time, and then devote yourself to the G spot and everything around it. If you can please the clit and the G spot at the same time, you may be able to get a huge explosion from the orgasm that results. Never give up on the idea of pleasing the G spot. Just strive to play with it more and more.


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