Female Orgasm – Did She Have One?

Many women tell other women that they’ll know if they’ve had an orgasm. But the truth is that almost half of American women have some sort of trouble reaching orgasm and they may not know. While it is very obvious to tell if a man has had an orgasm, it is not quite as easy to spot a female orgasm because there is nothing happening to her body that is as obvious as when a man ejaculates. Even if a man’s sexual sensations are not his strongest, the ejaculation will tell him he had an orgasm.

Another reason that makes it harder for some women to know if they’ve truly had an orgasm is that most of their sexual organs are inside their body and out of sight. Also, women tend to be a lot more restrictive when having sex, as the norms from times gone by linger on. Women have a lot less sexual practice than men. They usually have less sexual partners than a man of the same age, thus having less experience. It is still somewhat of a taboo subject for women to masturbate and is not talked about very often, yet it is expected of men and is sometimes even talked about as freely as buying a gallon of milk.

The first sign to look for to validate if she did or did not have a female orgasm is contractions. After a woman climaxes, the muscles in the vagina and the pelvis will contract a few times in a row. The vagina will contact an average of 3 to 15 times after having an orgasm. If that doesn’t help you and you are still unsure if she’s had a female orgasm, then stimulate her until you think she’s going to have an orgasm. Then insert your finger into her vagina and continue. You should be able to feel the muscles in the vagina contracting when she’s had an orgasm.

If you want to increase the feelings of pleasure and satisfaction during a female orgasm, she should then practice Kegel exercises to build up her pelvic muscles. These exercises are a great way to tighten up her pelvic muscles and to restore the strength of the pelvic muscles after childbirth. You can also purchase some Ben Wa balls to use to help strengthen the muscles. Sometimes the issue is more psychological and seeing a therapist can help her to greatly advance her sexual relationship by helping her work through any issues.

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