Fun G Spot Masturbation Ideas

Masturbation is meant to be a fun experience. That is the time when a man or woman dedicates a bit of attention to his or her sexual needs. Some women seem to have a problem with masturbation because they do not know how to change up their routine to create new fun and new sensations. They find what works and do that every time. If you are a woman who has fallen in a G spot masturbation rut, some of the ideas below may help you put a creative twist on the event so you get more out of it.

One option you might think about is having an audience. Masturbation may be a solo act, but that does not mean that you cannot have someone else watching you stimulate your G spot. Some women actually get highly aroused by the idea of someone watching them masturbate, while others do not get much from it at all. You can either have a partner watch you that you may want to watch as well, or you could go on a webcam and have virtual sex with a total stranger. It may make you more aroused than you imagined, which will increase your sensitivity to your masturbation.

Another fun option is to play with yourself in a relaxing bathtub. The water will provide some lubricant as you reach in to play with your G spot, and the relaxing warmth may be just what you need to have a fun experience. You can allow your nipples to come just up out of the water so they get cold and hard, and then you can stimulate them as you mess with yourself down below. Light some candles, get some bubbles in the mix, or play some sensual music to set the mood. Do whatever it takes to create an experience for yourself.

You might also think about stimulating your G spot while you watch pornography. There is plenty of free porn online, or you can buy an adult movie to watch at home. Some women do not think this can do anything for them, but that is not the case. You may find yourself getting highly aroused at the thought of having sex with someone like they are doing in the video. You may have certain fetishes you like, or you may just want to watch some amateurs have sex. That is up to you and your sex driven mind.

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