G Spot – Is It a Myth?

Ever since a doctor discovered the supposed G spot, there have been great debates about whether it actually exists at all. You can read a range of studies that say that it does exist, but then you can read an equally extensive range that says it doesn’t. You might just have to make up your own mind in the end. The truth is that many women can get some kind of pleasure out of their G spot, or at least something like it. It is just a matter of learning to work with the female body in the right way.

One thing you have to realize about the G spot is that it is not deep within the vagina. There is an equally debatable part of the female anatomy up there that is sometimes referred to as the “A spot” or “deep spot.” This is not the G spot, but it can be stimulated in certain sexual situations. The G spot is only a few inches into the vagina, right behind the clitoris. By knowing this, you may have a better chance at finding it and working with it in the right way.

The reason why many people have dubbed the G spot as a myth is because they have not taken the time to stimulate it properly. The orgasm that can come from the G spot is not fast, and it does take effort to achieve. Thus you have to have a little bit of patience when working with a spot like that, and you cannot give up. It takes some women close to thirty minutes to orgasm from their G spot, whereas the clitoris may climax in 30 seconds. Patience is the key to working with the G spot.

It cannot hurt for you to experiment with the idea of the G spot, even if nothing comes from it. Great sex is all about pushing the boundaries so you get the best results possible. If you spend time masturbating or working with a partner to find the G spot, you may be pleasantly surprised by the pleasure it yields. At the very least, you can make your clitoral orgasm more intense with the help of the G spot. The pressure it creates behind it can make everything down there more sensitive, and high sensitivity leads to high climaxes in the end. You can see that for yourself if you give it a try.

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