G Spot – Where Is It?

The G spot is a part of the female body that can be used to provide sexual pleasure. This spot is not exactly easy to find during sex if you do not know where it is, but finding it can lead to extreme pleasure for a woman. Whether you are a female trying to find new ways to masturbate effectively or a man trying to please his woman in a whole new way, it may be nice for you to know where the G spot is and what you need to do with it. The guide below should give you an overview of that information.

The G spot is located in a woman’s vagina. This is the hole that her menstrual cycles come from, and the hole where she passes a baby through. The G spot is located in the inside of the hole on the front side, right behind the clitoris. This is usually three inches inside, depending on the size of the woman in question. There is supposedly another spot located much further into the vagina, but that is known as the A spot, not the G spot.

You can usually find the G spot with your fingers. Stick first two fingers of your hand in the vagina where you would be able to put the thumb on the clitoris and the pinkie towards the rear end. If you make a “come here” motion with the fingers, you should be tapping on the G spot. You can do that repetitively to create a sense of pleasure. Some women prefer the feeling of more fingers than others. You will just have to see what the situation is with yourself or with your female partner. There is almost always a way to get G spot –pleasure.

Some women find it easier to get pleasure from their G spot than others. Thus you may have to see what the situation is in your case. Many times it helps to stimulate the clitoris while you stimulate the G spot because that will create a dual source of pleasure for the recipient. There are toys that can do this, and there are manual stimulation techniques you can try. It is all a matter of experimenting until you find something that works for you. Great sex and great sexual pleasure come from experimentation. Take some time to see what will feel good for you.


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