G Spot Massage

The G spot can be a highly pleasurable part of the female body if it is stimulated in the right way. To do that, you may want to learn how to do a G spot massage with your fingers. You can also rely on toys to do this job for you, but sometimes it is nice to dig in on your own. Whether you are a woman and want to finger yourself or you have a girlfriend you want to please, the guide should be able to help you use the G spot just the way you need to.

To start your G spot massage, make sure that the woman involved is fully aroused, whether that is you or your partner. As a woman gets aroused, her clitoris swells and her G spot becomes much more sensitive. You should be able to please the G spot much better as a result. Sometimes a little foreplay can go a long way. You should be able to tell when everything is ready because the vagina will be wet and the clit will be sensitive. You can go about pleasing the G spot from there.

If the woman does not produce enough lubricant on her own, you can always use store lubricant to make this part easier. Lube can intensify a G spot massage greatly if you use it in the right way. Stick one to three fingers in the vagina with the knuckles facing the back of the body. For women masturbating, this just means reaching down so you can see your thumb on top of your clit. Once you are in there, you should be able to make a “come here” motion with your fingers to start the pleasure. Do this at a steady pace to build up the excitement.

You can rub on the clitoris with your thumb or other hand if you want some additional stimulation. With the fingers in place though, you should be able to tap on the G spot enough to create an orgasm. This may take a decent amount of time, but it will be well worth it in the end. A G spot orgasm can produce an intense feeling that will create several other orgasms along the way as long as you know what to do. Getting your mind into the act is one of the most important parts of a G spot massage, so think about it and then let it work for you.

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