G Spot Squirt – Basic Information about Squirting

Have you ever seen or experienced a G spot squirt? If so, you may be curious as to what it is and what it feels like when it happens. Squirting is now a popular fetish because it is a surefire sign that a woman is having an orgasm. A woman will not squirt if she is not having an orgasm, and many people love seeing a climax whenever they watch porn. If you are intrigued by this act or this fetish, the information below should give you a good idea about what is going on when a woman starts squirting.

A G spot squirt is the result of repetitive G spot stimulation. As a woman continues to have this zone stimulated, she will start to feel a pressure down below that will release when she has an orgasm. For some women, an orgasm may only consist of muscle contractions. For squirters though, the experience is a little messier. Their vaginas begin to squirt a clear liquid from them much like penises squirt semen, but there is nothing in the ejaculate that comes from a female. It looks like water resulting from an abundance of pleasure.

Some women experience a G spot squirt regularly and others never experience it at all. There are theories that suggest that any woman can have a squirting experience, but there is no solid proof of that out there. For now it seems that most of the women who find out they can squirt will just discover that on a whim. They do not actually try to ejaculate, but they end up doing so during sex or masturbation one day. If you want to try to squirt or make a woman squirt, aim for repetitive G spot pleasure. You may be able to maneuver the stimulation so that it triggers that squirting in the body.

Do not confuse a G spot squirt with the standard mucus that comes from all vaginas. That is meant as a way to prepare the body for sex, and ejaculate is the result of intense pleasure. These are two different events that happen to occur in the same location. If you know you are a squirter or know you are having sex with a squirter, just be prepared to wash the sheets every time you have sex. Squirting can get messy, but for most people, the experience is well worth any mess that may come about.

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