G Spot Video

The female G spot is one of the biggest mysteries when it comes to sex. Some people say it does not exist at all, and others say it can create the best possible orgasms for women to experience. Whether you are a man looking to improve your moves in the bedroom or a woman wondering what is going on with her body, understanding the G spot should help you have better experiences in the future. The guide below gives a brief explanation of the G spot so you can stimulate it when the time comes.

The female G spot is located inside of the vagina. It is not far inside like most people assume. It actually only rests about three inches in, and it is located right on the front wall of the vagina. This means that even men with less than average penis lengths can still have a way to please the women in their lives. All you really need is something the length of a finger to be able to tap on the G spot and stimulate it. You just have to practice with it a little bit.

As a woman becomes aroused, her G spot swells up and becomes highly sensitive. That is how she can gain pleasure. G spot stimulate can create hot flashes, and it also makes some women feel like they have to pee. All of these feelings are good though, especially for a woman who is ready for sex at that moment. The G spot can take some amount of time to yield an orgasm, but when it does, the feeling is intense and long lasting. Many women can have multiple orgasms once they get the right rhythm going with their G spots.

To properly stimulate the G spot with your fingers, insert them into the vagina so that the knuckles are along the back wall. Then make a motion with them like you would if you were flagging someone to come towards you. From there you should be able to repetitively hit that spot and create sensations in the female body that will eventually lead to an orgasm. You can do the same thing with a penis or a toy by directing it in that general area. Over time, you will be able to master the female G spot in all its glory and create some of the best orgasms possible.

To watch a live demonstration video of how to find and stimulate the G Spot Click Here

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