Hitting the G Spot – Positions and Techniques to Hit It Every Time

Women absolutely love G spot pleasure. It is as simple as that. Men can create more intense orgasms by hitting the G spot than they can doing much of anything else. If you are trying to figure out how to go about that process, you may just need a few tips to get you started. That is what this is here for. Pleasing a woman is not as challenging as most people assume it is, so you just have to prepare yourself for the experience. Here is a look at what you can do to hit the G spot every time.

Every woman is slightly different when it comes to what she likes in the bedroom, so there is no fool proof method for sex as a whole. Nevertheless, you can manipulate some basic ideas to please just about any woman you come across. When you first have sex with a woman, get into a position where she can ride on top of you (typically known as “cowgirl” or “stallion”). That way she can work at hitting the G spot while you just watch. Focus on the way she moves her body on top of you and the things she does to bring herself to orgasm. Then you can employ those techniques in your own movements.

Focus on where the G spot is when you start taking control of the sex. It is only a few inches inside of the vagina, and it is along the front wall of it. Basically if you aim the tip of your penis right behind her clit, you should have success hitting the G spot every time. You will need to adjust the speed of this hitting to accommodate your woman’s tastes, but that is as easy as controlling the way your pelvis moves.

Hitting the G spot may not be all you need to get some women to orgasm. There are those that need a little extra push to fully reach their climax. You can user your finger to stimulate a woman’s clitoris while you tap on her G spot, or you could even use a vibrator to really get the feelings going. When you do that, you will be able to make just about any woman moan in orgasmic pleasure and beg for more from you. Then of course, you can fulfill her wishes. It is the least you can do.


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