Household Items to Stimulate Your G Spot

Many women find it hard to masturbate because they are too embarrassed to go out and buy a sex toy to help themselves out. While you can manually stimulate yourself enough to have an orgasm, sometimes it is much more fun to use something else to help you along. If you fear going to the sex shop or having to hide your sex toys in your home, you may be pleased to know that there are some items you have right on hand at your house that you can masturbate with. Here is a look at just a few of them you may want to try out on your G spot.

One of the most common household items that people will use for masturbation is the bottom end of a hair brush. The handle of some hairbrushes is long and smooth enough to act like a dildo. You can hold onto the bristles and stimulate your G Spot, and you may even be able to use a soft brush on your clit. Some women will also use electric toothbrushes because they can vibrate. They just aren’t as thick and penis-like.

You could also look to some foods in your house for G spot pleasure. Cucumbers and bananas are both phallic in nature, and you can buy them inexpensively at a local grocery store. Just make sure you wash anything like that before you stick it into your vagina, and you may even think about putting a condom over it before insertion. That will ensure that you do not end up with unnecessary food particles in your vagina when you masturbate. Just take a walk through the grocery store, and if you see something that looks like a penis, grab it and test it out. Sometimes the cold sensation of refrigerated food can feel amazing inside the vagina.

There are many other household items that you can use during masturbation, but that will depend on what you have readily available. A cold, thin curling iron for instance can act like a dildo for your G spot. You just have to make sure it has been off for awhile, and that you do not use it when it is plugged in. You may have toys or pool accessories that could be used as well. In the end, you always have your hand to turn back to. Your G spot will not complain about that.

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