How To Stimulate The G Spot During Oral Sex

For the most part, people assume that oral sex is centered on the clitoris. That may be the area that the tongue is working around, but that does not mean that the G spot should be ignored for oral. The fact is that a woman can receive G spot pleasure during oral just as easily as she can through fingering or anything else. You just have to know what it takes to make that happen. Listed below are a few techniques you can try that will make her moan every time.

You will not be able to control your tongue enough to give her G spot stimulation that way. Thus you might as well give up on that idea. You have to use something else to be able to “tap into” her pleasure zone, so to speak. Of course, the easiest thing to use is your finger. Insert a finger or set of fingers into her vagina while you eat her out, and then make a “come here” motion so you tap behind her clitoris. This will tap on her G spot as you lick her clit and provide an amazing orgasm when the time comes.

You can also use a dildo, dong, vibrator, or similar toy to give her G spot pleasure in the middle of oral sex. Some of these may be hard to work around, so you will just have to experiment to see what feels good. There are tons of sex toys made to target the female G spot, and there is no reason why you cannot incorporate one during your sexual experiences together. You just have to find something that will allow you to keep a good rhythm on her clit while you play with her G spot.

The most intense orgasm a woman can have comes from the G spot and clitoris being played with at the same time. Thus you need to work on your oral techniques as much as possible and see if there is a way for you to please her G spot at the same time. She will know what feels good to her, so do not be afraid to take guidance every once and awhile. That is all meant to help you get the best results possible in the end. If you have a little confidence going into this, you should be able to get her satisfied in no time.


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