Importance of Foreplay for G Spot Pleasure

Foreplay is more important for women than men when it comes to sex. Men can usually build up an erection in a very short period of time, but women take a little longer to get fully ready for sex. This is mostly a mental part for a woman, but some of it also comes from the way that foreplay helps a woman prepare for G spot pleasure. The right amount of foreplay can truly enhance a sexual experience for the better from both sides of the spectrum. Here are a few reasons why that is true.

With proper foreplay, a woman’s G spot will be as sensitive as it possibly can be. As a woman becomes aroused, her lower regions begin to swell in anticipation. This is similar to how a man’s penis swells when he is getting ready to have sex. As the woman fills will blood down there, all of the sensitive nerves associated with the G spot are pushed to the surface. Thus when something is able to tap on the G spot, she will be able to feel it much stronger than she would have without the arousal. Foreplay can go a long way if you work it out well.

Another reason why foreplay is important is because it allows a woman’s body to seep lubricant that can be used for a better sexual experience. While you can buy lube to put on before insertion, you may not be able to get as much out of it as you would from the lube on the inside. The natural lube that comes from the female body makes the inside slick, and that helps the penis slide in and out better. A little foreplay can produce as much of that as you would need.

Foreplay can be a lot of fun, so you might as well try it to see if it does anything for the G spot in your life. Foreplay can involve almost anything, from oral sex to something as simple as kissing. Some couples like to watch adult movies together, and others will role play to get each other in the mood. You can decide what you want to do with your partner, but feel free to be spontaneous as well. You will be able to have great success with foreplay if you try to work with it as much as possible.


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