Oral Sex Tips

Make sure you pay close attention, because the one tip I’m going to give you in this video will totally change the way you approach going down on your woman.

For men watching this video you need to put your ego aside and realize that if you’re like 99.9% of other men in the world you are performing oral sex on your woman incorrectly.

This is because most men “learn” how to perform oral sex by watching porn.

However, the technique you see being performed in porn is not the correct way to do it.

In the adult industry they even have a name for it.

It’s called paining the fence.

It’s when you flick your tongue up and down on your woman’s clit. The same motion as if you were “painting a fence.”

The kicker is, it doesn’t feel pleasurable to the woman.

The reason they do it this way in porn is so that the camera can get a better shot at the action going on.

If the male porn actor was to perform oral sex the correct way you wouldn’t actually be able to see anything because his face would be in the way.

And a porn where you can’t see anything wouldn’t be any fun to watch.

If you’re trying to replicate the moves you see in porn into your own sex life you need to stop and learn the real way to please your woman.


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