Sex Toys That Please the G Spot

G Spot VibratorThe G spot is an interesting part of the female anatomy that many women never fully explore. In theory, it is supposed to produce intense orgasms after it has been stimulated multiple times, but some women have trouble finding it in the first place. The solution for this may be as simple as adjusting sexual positions, but sometimes a toy is needed to make the feelings come to life. With tons of sex toys coming on the market every year, it is easy for any woman to find something she will like. Here is a look at some of the different toys a woman can purchase for G spot pleasure.

One of the most basic toys along this line is a G spot vibrator. This is just what it sounds like. It is a vibrator that is made specifically for the G spot. In this case, the vibe is essentially a long rod with a slight curve at the end. The curved in goes inside the vagina and faces the clit from the inside. Then the woman can adjust the speeds from the outside until something feels amazing. There may not be any other motion needed for an orgasm. Another common G spot sex toy is a dildo. This is meant to act like a fake male penis, and a woman can insert it back and forth in her body just like a man would during sex. This can be a bit harder to use because it does not vibrate, but it works well for women who know where their G spots are. Another form of a dildo is a dong, which is just like a dildo but includes fake balls to go with the fake penis. Women can choose their preference from there.

One of the most successful sex toys as a whole also happens to please the G spot. That toy is a rabbit vibrator. This is a complicated sex toy that features a long vibrator for G spot simulation and a short vibrator that wraps around the clit. Once everything is in place, this toy is said to yield intense orgasms for just about every woman that uses one. This is a great fall back sex toy no matter what, and it can even make a great gift for guys looking to surprise their leading ladies. No matter what the G spot wants, there is a toy out there to help it.

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