Small Penises Can Still Please Women

For some reason, there is a big misconception in the sexual community that it takes a huge penis to please a woman anymore. The porn industry does not help matters because it seems every tape released has women climaxing over and over because of the ten inch penises inside them. You do not need a large penis to hit a woman’s G spot, and with the right techniques, you might actually be able to use a lack in size to your advantage. Here is a look at the options available for men with small members.

One of the first things you need to realize is what is considered a “small” penis. The average size of a male penis is 5.5 inches, though that number will vary depending on the source you work with. Some places say as small as 4 inches is the average male penis size when fully erect. These are “average” numbers, meaning that the bulk of the male population fit in that range. A part of the population may be bigger, but an equally sized part is smaller. Take pride in the size of your penis because ultimately, you can please the G spot.

The G spot is only two or three inches inside of a woman’s vagina. Most men assume that it is deep inside, but that is another sensitive area entirely. The G spot itself is not very far into the body at all, so even small men can deliver stimulation to it. When you think about it, a woman should be able to masturbate with her fingers. Your penis is likely much longer than your partner’s fingers, which just goes to show that it does not take much in length to please a woman.

If you want to make sure that you please the G spot, focus a length of time on foreplay. This will make your partner aroused and will hopefully get her G spot very sensitive. The spot will swell up, and then you will have a better chance at targeting it during sex. You can still play with the clitoris in the midst of the intercourse, but realize that your rhythmic movements can please the G spot on its own. Feel free to let your woman be on top for the intercourse so she can take over the movements. That will lead to a great orgasm for both of you in the end.

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