The Difference between the Clitoris and the G Spot

The clit and the G spot are two areas of the female body that are used for sexual stimulation. While they can both lead to an orgasm in the end, they are two completely separate entities. Together, they can produce the most intense orgasm a female can have. Separately though, they can still be powerful enough to make a woman climax. Before you start to play around in that area, you may want to fully understand these two areas for what they are. Here is a look at the difference between the clit and the G spot.

The clitoris is on the outside of the female body and can easily be accessed with a tongue or a set of fingers. The G Spot is actually located inside the vagina, and it sits right behind the clit. This is not as easy to get to, but it can be reached with fingers, sex toys, or a penis. The G spot is the area that most men automatically think of during sex because they want to insert themselves. The sad part is that most men do not get anywhere near the G spot when they have sex because of the way they go in. You may have encountered this problem before.

The clitoris usually results in a quick and exhausting orgasm that a woman only has one time per sex session. The G spot can produce multiple orgasms for a woman, but it takes a long time to build up pleasure. This time can be reduced with the right amount of foreplay though, so you may look into trying some different techniques before sex to see if that speeds up the process. Otherwise, a woman can take anywhere from 20 minutes and beyond to fully reach a G spot climax.

Neither the G spot nor the clitoris is better than the other per se because they both can result in an orgasm in the end. With that in mind, some women do tend to work better with one more that the others. You will just have to figure out which one it is in your situation. Ideally, the clit and the G spot should be played with at the same time to create the most intense orgasm possible. You just have to work at getting the right position and rhythm to make that happen successfully.

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