Why Can’t I Have a G Spot Orgasm?

Many women have a problem finding a way to orgasm. They see the orgasms that women have in porn films and pictures, and then they think they should have that same magical experience. While a lot of the images seen in the adult industry are fake and unreliable, there is still a chance for every woman to have that special orgasm that the shots are supposed to represent. This all sparks from the G spot, which is not the easiest part of the female body to find. If you are a woman struggling to find her own G spot, the guide below may be able to help you out.

Every woman has a G spot. Some women just happen to have more sensitive ones than others. You may or may not have a sensitive G spot, but you should still have one that can be stimulated. The easiest way to improve your sensitivity is to get fully aroused whenever you to go masturbate or have sex. Work on foreplay or watch some adult films to get wet and ready. Then your G spot will start to swell, and you will be able to feel more whenever something hits it.

You need to realize where your G spot is in your body if you are going to do anything to please it. Movies that you watch may portray this part as something deep inside the vagina, but in all actuality it is only a few inches in. Essentially the G spot is right behind the clitoris, so if you can aim to get your fingers, a sex toy, or an actual penis in that general area, you are going to have the best possible chance at feeling something from your G spot.

Proper G spot stimulation requires a consistent rhythm of movements. You cannot rely on a few quick moves to get the job done. You may be able to use a vibrator to minimize the in and out movements you have, but do not expect your orgasms to crop up instantly. They take time to build and form. In the end, the climax you can have from your G spot is going to be much more intense than the one that you can have from your clitoris. That is why it is best to take the time to find that spot in your body. It is there. You can count on that.


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