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Can You Make A Woman Squirt?

When you watch a squirting orgasm video online you may be wondering if you yourself could actually make your woman squirt in the same way as in the video.

Well I got good news for you. It’s an easy skill that anyone can learn.

It’ll just take a little practice and of course a willing partner and you should be well on your way to seeing your woman gush like a fountain in no time. Watch the video below for more!

How To Find A Woman’s Squirting Spot

Hey guys, it’s J-Man back with another video…

A question came in on GSpot101.com from a visitor and he asked How do I find my wife’s “squirting spot”.

So I thought I’d answer it quick.

The squirting spot that he’s inquiring about is the G Spot.

If you didn’t already know proper G Spot stimulation with your finger or penis can cause a woman to ejaculate.

This is what is commonly referred to as squirting.

If you wanna know more about squirting specifically check out my site GSpot101.com I have a lot of videos and articles on it.

So how you find this magical squirting spot or G Spot? Well it’s actually quite simple.

First it’s important to make sure that your woman is fully aroused. The reason is because the G Spot will swell and become more pronounced the more turned on se gets. So don’t skimp on the foreplay.

Then using your index finger insert it with your palm facing up about to the second knuckle.

Begin stroking using a come hither motion and you should feel a wrinkled or ridged area similar to a raisin.

This is the G Spot or general area that you want to stimulate to get your woman to ejaculate.

So there you have it that’s how you find The G Spot aka a woman’s squirting spot.

Real Female Orgasm

Today in this video by GSpot101.com we’re going to be discussing real female orgasms.

Or more specifically, how you can tell if your woman actually had a real female orgasm.

But, first let’s get this out in the open right now…

If you’re a guy watching this video, you may be thinking “of course my woman has orgasms”

Well, I got news for you buddy, most women fake orgasms most if not every single time they have sex.

In fact a recent study stated that 80% of women fake having an orgasm at least 50% of the time and that’s only the ones who will admit it.

I don’t know about you, but in my book if a woman feels like she needs to fake an orgasm even once, that’s one time too many and you as a man aren’t doing your job.

One of the main reasons given by the women who reported to fake orgasms, was to boost the ego of the man they were with.

So if all those moans and screams are not a sign of a real female orgasm, then how do you tell?

Simple, when a woman has a real female orgasm she has a series of muscle contractions that are involuntary and you can actually notice these happening.

For example if you have your finger or penis inside your woman’s vagina during a real female orgasm the inner walls will squeeze down and you can feel the muscles contracting.

Or during the point at which you think the real female orgasm is occurring you can stick the tip of your finger on her anus and you will feel the muscle contraction there too.

Then last, but certainly not least, is if she has a squirting orgasm, this is probably the easiest way to tell and something she can’t fake.

There you have it, now get out there and start giving some real female orgasms!

What Is A Female Squirting Orgasm?

Hey what’s up?

Today we’re talking about female squirting?

Otherwise known as a female squirting orgasm or female ejaculation.

So what the heck is female squirting?

Female squirting is when a woman experiences a full body orgasm so powerful that she literally squirts fluid out of her urethra.

It’s most common for this type of orgasm to occur from G Spot stimulation using either one’s fingers or penis.

If you’re not expecting your woman to squirt it can understandably come as quite of a shock.

And many couples mistake female ejaculate fluid for pee, but rest assured it’s not.

The fluid that a woman squirts known as female ejaculate is a mostly clear fluid and it has a bit of a sweet taste because it contains glucose.

The feeling of a squirting orgasm coming on is similar to the sensation of needing to pee. For this reason many women who are squirters often hold it back because they don’t understand what’s going on and thus never experience the full effects of the orgasm or might not have an orgasm at all.

The female squirting orgasm is kind of the holy grail of female orgasms and once you master being able to give your woman this type of orgasm consistently, you’ll have one happy lady on your hands.

How To Make A Woman Orgasm In 2 Simple Steps

How To Make A Woman Orgasm In 2 Simple Steps

Alright, GSpot101.com at it again with another video. Today we’re talking about how to make a woman orgasm. More specifically I’m going to talk about how to make a woman orgasm from G Spot stimulation.

But, before we get into the 2 steps you first need to know where the G Spot is located.

The G Spot is located 1 – 2 inches inside the woman’s vagina, along the front wall.

It will have a wrinkled or ridged feel similar to the texture of a raisin.

At rest the g spot will be completely flat however once you begin stimulation it will become more pronounced and easier to find.

Now onto the good stuff, how to make a woman orgasm.

Step 1

Insert your finger with your palm facing up inside your woman’s vagina about to the 2nd knuckle.

Step 2

Using a “come here” motion begin stimulation of the G Spot with firm strokes varying up the speed and pressure as you see fit.

That’s it…

As you continue stimulation she’s going to feel the pleasure build up until she finally blows!

It’s important to understand that all women are not the same and it can take awhile for some to orgasm.

So if you don’t get it the first time, don’t worry, keep on trying.

As they say practice makes perfect.

Female G Spot Orgasm – How to Make a Woman Climax More Than Once

Did you know that a woman can experience more than one female G spot orgasm during a round of sex? If not, then you probably have never gone through an experience involving multiple orgasms. If you know how to work with the G spot in the right way, you can actually create an endless supply of orgasms for the woman in the relationship, no matter how big or small you may be. Here are some tips that can help you do just that the next time you are in bed with your leading lady.

If you want to make her have more than one female G spot orgasm with you, you need to make sure you are actually stimulating her G spot. The part on the outside of her body is the clitoris, and it can usually only create one orgasm at a time. You need to go inside of the vagina about three inches and then you should be able to hit the G spot. You may have to make some adjustments based on the woman’s body you are working with, but in the end, you can make her climax over and over this way.

A little bit of clit play may be able to help you on the quest for multiple orgasms. While the female G spot orgasm is going to be the primary source of pleasure, a little tickle of the clit every now and then should be able to make the experience even more enjoyable. You can use your finger to play with the clit during intercourse, or you could incorporate a vibrator for an even better sensation. That is up to you. Just try to play around until you find something that you know id going to work out well.

There are some women out there who only stop their female G spot orgasm production because their bodies are too excited to carry on. That is something you may want to strive for because it is a sign that you are doing a really good job sexually. If your partner has to stop having sex because she can’t breathe anymore or her lower half has gone numb, that just means that you “rocked her world.” Take the exhaustion as a pat on the back and feel good that you were able to please her as much as you did.

Have You Found Her G Spot Yet?

If there is one topic that confuses men the most about sex, it is finding the G spot. This is because the G spot is tucked away into the vagina. It is not out in the open like the clitoris is, which is am lot easier to create an orgasm from. Instead, it is about three inches inside on the vaginal wall, and it can be hard to find if you do not know what you are feeling for. With this knowledge in place though, you should have no troubles at all getting your woman to orgasm over and over again.

You can stimulate the G spot in many different ways. You can use your own penis, a sex toy, your fingers, or something else along those lines. Sometimes finding the G spot is simply a matter of watching your partner find it for you. You can watch your girlfriend masturbate and then try to mimic the way she moves whenever you have sex. You can also let her be on top for your next round of sex so she controls where your penis goes. Then you would just need to follow a similar path the next time you are inside of her. Use your resources and you will have no issues making a great discovery.

Finding the G spot does not mean that you should ignore the clitoris. This can be stimulated at the same time the G spot is stimulated to create an ultimate pleasure area for your partner. By rubbing on your partner’s clitoris as she maneuvers her body on top of yours, you can truly make her orgasms spectacular. Some women love using a vibrator on their clit as they have their G spot stimulated, so do not be afraid to incorporate a toy. This will make you an even better lover than you may already be.

Once you get consistent with finding the G spot, all you have to do is repeat the process. This is no excuse to make your sex life boring though. You should still be willing to experiment with new positions and other ideas to see if you can create all new orgasms for your partner. Before you give up on finding the G spot, take a little help from a tutorial or even from your partner. Then all you will have to do is apply your new found knowledge to the next round of sex you have.

Girl on Top Sex Positions to Stimulate the G Spot

If you really want to stimulate a G spot during sex, you need to aim for a sex position that is going to put the girl on top. This is the best way to get the penis to the G spot because the woman gets to control the action. She can move her body the way it needs to move so that she gets sexual pleasure, and she can basically use the penis like a sex toy. There are more girl on top positions out there than you think, and some of them may be fun to play around with. Here are just a few of them you may want to try.

The classic girl on top sex position is the cowgirl. This goes by many other names, like stallion or rider, but it is the same regardless of what you want to call it. In this case, the man lies on the bed with his erect penis in the air, and then the woman straddles him with her vagina just over his penis. With her knees on the bed, the woman lowers her body onto the penis and then moves so that she can get pleasure from the G spot. This is position that every person should try at least once in his or her sex life.

Another option for having the woman on top for sex is to actually have sex at the edge of the bed. The man can sit up with his legs dangling from the side, and then the woman can straddle him with her rear on his knees. Most women at this point will almost ride a man like a bull, thrusting their pelvises back and forth, rather than up and down. The movements that a woman will make will depend on what fees good for her G spot.

You can also look into a variation of cowgirl that may involve a little more physical activity. The Asian cowgirl, for instance, is basically a squat over the penis, where the woman has her feet flat on the bed instead of her knees. The knees are bent, and then she can pop up and down on the penis. There are tons of other options for G spot stimulation, so you just have to play around to see what will work for you. There is always a new sexual activity to try.

Arousal Ideas to Increase G Spot Sensitivity

Every woman has a G spot, which is a special zone in the human body that can be stimulated during sex for pleasure. If it is stimulated in the right way, the result is an orgasm unlike any other. To increase the chances of that happening, you may want to think about some intense foreplay before the actual intercourse. That will cause the G spot to swell, and it will make that area more sensitive in the end. Here is a look at what you can do to get the G spot ready to go.

One of the easiest forms of foreplay to work with is oral sex. During oral sex, another person puts his or her tongue on the clitoris and moves it in circles or short flicks. By doing that, it creates pleasure in the clitoris, which can actually cause a woman to orgasm if it is prolonged. The idea here though is just to get the woman aroused enough to have a throbbing G spot. Then it is time for insertion. Oral can easily transition into vaginal or manual intercourse as you want it to.

Another great form of foreplay is a passionate kissing session. You can slowly take your partner’s clothes off as you kiss, and you may even run your hands over the person’s private area. That acts as a tease of sorts for what is later to come. If you can get a woman fantasizing about an event to come in the future, she may get wet enough to start the action. That wetness is almost always a sign that the G spot is ready for stimulation, even though the lubricant does not come from the G spot in particular. They get stimulated at the same time.

Adult films are often great ways to get a woman aroused if she is not opposed to the idea of porn. This can allow her to see what may happen and fantasize about the events in her head, and from there she can get her body ready for the taking. There are tons of other ideas that may be more fetish-based, so you may just want to explore your options through experimentation. Every woman has the possibility of getting a good sex life. It is just a matter of how much foreplay it takes to make that happen. You can see so for yourself in your own sex life.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Vaginas

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