Female G Spot Orgasm – How to Make a Woman Climax More Than Once

Did you know that a woman can experience more than one female G spot orgasm during a round of sex? If not, then you probably have never gone through an experience involving multiple orgasms. If you know how to work with the G spot in the right way, you can actually create an endless supply of orgasms for the woman in the relationship, no matter how big or small you may be. Here are some tips that can help you do just that the next time you are in bed with your leading lady.

If you want to make her have more than one female G spot orgasm with you, you need to make sure you are actually stimulating her G spot. The part on the outside of her body is the clitoris, and it can usually only create one orgasm at a time. You need to go inside of the vagina about three inches and then you should be able to hit the G spot. You may have to make some adjustments based on the woman’s body you are working with, but in the end, you can make her climax over and over this way.

A little bit of clit play may be able to help you on the quest for multiple orgasms. While the female G spot orgasm is going to be the primary source of pleasure, a little tickle of the clit every now and then should be able to make the experience even more enjoyable. You can use your finger to play with the clit during intercourse, or you could incorporate a vibrator for an even better sensation. That is up to you. Just try to play around until you find something that you know id going to work out well.

There are some women out there who only stop their female G spot orgasm production because their bodies are too excited to carry on. That is something you may want to strive for because it is a sign that you are doing a really good job sexually. If your partner has to stop having sex because she can’t breathe anymore or her lower half has gone numb, that just means that you “rocked her world.” Take the exhaustion as a pat on the back and feel good that you were able to please her as much as you did.

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