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G Spot – A Recipe for Sex-cess

There are many different techniques you can try during your sexual experiences. Some of them will lead to pleasant experiences, and others will lead to disappointment. You are always encouraged to play around with different ideas, but sometimes it takes a fool proof system to get the ball rolling. Hopefully the guide below will give you a fall back plan any time you go to have sex. You can please the G spot at any time if you know what kinds of techniques to try. Here are a few suggestions that may help you out.

If you truly want to please the G spot, try to let the woman in the relationship ride on top during your intercourse. This will put her in charge of the movements, and it will allow her to stimulate her G spot like she knows how to do. When a man tries to take over, the end result is usually a lot of awkward fumbling. You do not have to worry about that though. Until you build up experience with a woman and her sexual feelings, you might want to devote yourself to watching her flop on top of you.

While the woman is on top, you can take your hand and reach down to play with her clitoris. The sensations you are putting on her G spot will intensify the clit movements, and the clit will intensify the G spot. You can just as easily put a vibrator down there for her to use, and that might save your hand from having to work overtime.  You can just as easily put on a vibrating cock ring, which is a device used to make an erection fuller and vibrating at the same time. This can create all kinds of sensations all over the body.

Do not be afraid to aim for multiple orgasms with the G spot. If you worry that you can barely make it through one without exploding yourself, you may look into masturbating a little while before you have sex. Then you will not be as sensitive to the sensations and you can focus on the task at hand. You can make her climax over and over again if you hit the right spot in the right way.  You just have to take the time to find out what is going to feel right for her. A little dedication and observation can go a long way.

How To Make A Girl Squirt

Women love sex just as much as men, even though they might not always tell you or act like it. If you can find the best ways to pleasure her, she’ll definitely appreciate the extra effort. All women have the ability to squirt, but most can’t do it simply because they are never relaxed or aroused enough. If you want to learn how to make a girl squirt, you have to stop thinking about yourself and put all of your attention on her. Imagine the best orgasm that you’ve ever had. For women, the squirting orgasm is like this.

In order to figure out how to make a girl squirt, you have to get familiar with her anatomy. The most important part is her g spot, which is located about 2 inches inside the vagina on the front wall. You’ll feel it if you are looking for it. It’s a rough patch that slightly indents and you can typically only reach by creating a ‘come hither’ motion with your fingers facing upward if she is lying on her back. Of course, you can’t get ahead of yourself. Before you can even get to this point, you have to make sure that you take care of her relaxation and arousal.

Women need a little extra attention and foreplay to get going. You should do everything in your power to stimulate her to a point where she is almost ready to climax before you even bother trying to make her squirt. Once she is highly aroused and very wet, you can begin your task. By sliding your fingers inside in the ‘come hither’ motion mentioned above, you will be able to massage and tap the g spot over and over, causing her to go completely wild. If she’s not going nuts, try again.

As time goes on, she’ll likely reach a place where she feels like she needs to pee. She doesn’t. Don’t stop what you are doing because this means that you’re close. In a few seconds, she will begin to orgasm. Again, you shouldn’t stop at this point. Keep massaging and tapping her g spot and she will start ejaculating. This is a messy process, so don’t be surprised by how much fluid actually comes out. You and the sheets will likely both end up soaked, so it helps if you’re prepared. When you take the time to learn how to make a girl squirt, you will be able to drive her wild every single time.

G Spot Orgasm

Some people do not realize that women can have several different kinds of orgasms. There are two main zones in the female body that can produce a climax like this. One is the G spot and the other is the clitoris. A G spot orgasm is much different than a clitoral orgasm, even if they both feel amazing in the end. Learning the difference between these two orgasms should give you a better idea of what you want to achieve during sex. Read on to discover what the differences are between the clit and the G spot when it comes to “the big O.”

A G spot orgasm obviously comes from a different location than a clitoral orgasm. A clitoral orgasm is formed from the clitoris, which is hidden under the clitoral hood. The G spot is actually located inside of the vagina, right on the front wall. It is only about 1 –  2  inches in, and it swells up whenever a woman becomes aroused. Simply put, the clit is on the outside and the G spot is on the inside.

The location of these zones has a big impact on the way they are stimulated. The clitoris can be stimulated through oral sex, manual sex, dry humping, etc. It just cannot be stimulated through vaginal intercourse. However, you can get a G spot orgasm through vaginal intercourse since it is located inside of the vagina. You can also stimulate the G spot manually, but you cannot get anything from it through oral sex. The tongue is not strong enough or long enough to go inside and be able to do much of anything. You need something that can penetrate the body for that to happen.

A clitoral orgasm does not take long to form at all, and it is usually just an intense burst of energy. After that happens, most women are too sensitive and exhausted down there to have another orgasm. With a G spot orgasm, it takes a long time to build up pleasure. The difference is that it can produce multiple orgasms, or it can create one long and intense orgasm. For the ultimate pleasure though, it is best to simulate the G spot and the clitoris at the same time. Then the whole body will shake in pleasure as the woman climaxes over and over again.

G Spot Squirting – Can Every Woman Squirt?

G spot squirting is a sexual phenomenon that has become a popular fetish over the years. This process involves a woman having an orgasm and then shooting a clear liquid out of her vagina. This is also known as female ejaculation, and it is a big turn on for a lot of men. How does it work though, and can every woman squirt? These are the kinds of questions that seemingly plague the minds of the sexually active. Here are some basic answers to frequently asked questions about squirting. They should be able to help you understand the process a little better.

There are some people that claim that every woman can squirt. The problem is that there are very few women in the world that actually do experience G spot squirting. Those that do tend to happen upon their abilities by accident, either through masturbation or through intercourse. At this time, it is not totally clear as to what the truth is. It is possible that all women can do this but only a select few know how, and it is just as possible that it is an ability that is hit or miss. You can form your opinion about it from there.

G spot squirting has become so popular because it is an obvious indication of an orgasm. Men and women alike like to watch this act in porn because it shows that the woman in the adult film is truly having an orgasm. That makes the sex seem much better and more realistic in the end. The squirting does look a bit messy, like the woman’s vagina is uncontrollably shooting water all over the place. You will just have to look at some footage of it to see what it is like for yourself.

If you are going to try to induce G spot squirting, the best idea is to get the woman involved highly aroused ahead of time. Then her body will be as ready as it can be for pleasure. You can then move on to actually stimulating the G spot through some form of penetration. If the woman has her G spot stimulated enough, her muscles will react and she will start squirting. Then you just have to worry about the cleanup afterward. Sometimes the best things in life are the messiest ones to take care of. This is no exception.

G Spot Orgasms

Most people know that an orgasm is supposed to be the best feeling the human body can have by the time they start having sex. What remains unknown is what the orgasm may feel like, especially from a girl’s perspective. Some women never get to experience G spot orgasms because they cannot figure out where their G spots are and what to do with them. Nevertheless, it is possible for every woman to have this amazing feeling if she sticks her mind to it. Here is a look at what a G spot orgasm feels like so you can anticipate what you may feel in the future.

G spot orgasms are usually much longer lasting than clitoral orgasms because it takes a little while for the G spot to build up sensitivity. While the G spot is being stimulated though, some women get the sensation that they have to use the bathroom. That is because the G spot is right behind the bladder, so the bladder gets stimulated at the same time. Most women do not have trouble holding back their urine sex, and some even like the feeling that this act produces. It is supposed to heighten the pleasure as a whole.

Many women get very hot right before their G spot orgasms. Intercourse involves a lot of energy and movement, resulting in heavy sweating and hot flashes as the blood rushes to different parts of the body. Most women also feel a trembling sensation in their legs at this time because the body is preparing itself for a climax.  All of this could happen in a matter of minutes or even seconds, depending on how long the sex has gone on. Whatever the time frame may be, most women are willing to wait through the shakes for the big event.

Actual G spot orgasms consist of muscle releases in the vaginal area. If you ever see a vagina orgasm up close, you can see it open and shut like the way a fish’s mouth moves. The opening and closing of the muscles obviously leads to pleasure for a woman or there would not be such a hype about orgasms in the first place. Many women will breathe heavily out of exhaustion or even moan because the climax felt so good. Every orgasm is a little different, but now you at least have an overview of what a G spot orgasm should feel like.

Best Sex Toys for G Spot Stimulation [Video]

The G spot is a special place in the female body that is used for sexual stimulation. If it is stimulated in the right way, it can lead to an orgasm. This can be done through many different means, but sometimes a woman just has to take charge on her own. That is where sex toys come into play. They take the place of a penis or a set of fingers during masturbation, and they can actually create a higher sense of pleasure than some other methods of stimulation. If you have been looking for a toy that may improve the sensitivity of the G spot, some of the suggestions below may work for you.

One of the most obvious toys to use for a G spot would be a G spot vibrator. Like most vibrators, this is a long cylinder with a knob on one end that can be used to turn the vibrations up and down. In this case though, the tip is slightly curved so it can put direct pressure right on the G spot. The vibrations mimic the in and out motions that a penis would normally put on this spot during intercourse, but it does so at a much faster pace.

A dildo is another toy that can be used for G spot stimulation. This is actually supposed to be a fake penis, and it can be used just like an erect one would be used in sex. Some women will use lubricant on top of the dildo so it slides in and out easier, but others rely on the lube coming from their bodies. In either case, a dildo can be moved in and out of the vagina for G spot pleasure. A dong is a similar toy that can be used in the same way. It has fake testicles as well to give a better sense of realism.

Beyond the dildo and the G spot vibrator, women may also try using a rabbit vibrator. This is a sex toy that is used to stimulate all of the sensitive lower areas of the female body. There is a large part of the toy that can be inserted into the vagina, and then there is a small part attached with two “rabbit ears” that can go around the clitoris. The entire toy vibrates at once, creating sensations inside and outside the body. The result is usually an intense orgasm that any woman can appreciate.

How Do I Find the G Spot? – Tips for Confused Women

Most women can find their clitoris without any issue, and most of them happen upon it by accident. The G spot is a bit tougher to find though because it is inside of the vagina. Many women struggle to masturbate because they never seem to find the right areas. If you have ever wondered, “How do I find the G spot?” you are not alone. You just have to learn where it is and what to do with it. The video should help you the next time you go to masturbate.

If you want to make finding the answer to “How do I find the G spot?” really easy, buy yourself a G spot vibrator. This is sold online and in sex shops, and it is basically a vibrator with a bent end that will target the G spot. You do not have to use one of these to please yourself, but it will make the process a lot easier for you when you first start out. Then you can experiment with other options as you go about your sex life. A vibe just simplifies matters so you do not have to worry about doing anything wrong.

The obvious response to “How do I find the G spot?” would be to learn where it is. This sensitive area of your vagina is located on the front wall, and it is only about one three inches inside the vagina. Many women assume it is way down into the vagina, but that is not the case. That is the A spot, and it is a totally different zone entirely.

Now you can experience the fun part of answering “How do I find the G spot?” You get to do something to yourself. Stick your G spot vibrator into your vagina so that the pointed tip of it is directed right at your G spot. Then just turn it on. If you hit the right zone, you should feel a soothing sensation that over time will create an orgasm. If you cannot use a toy, just use your finger to aim for the same area. Then tap it repetitively until something feels good for you. You can have all kinds of experimental fun from there.

Finding Her G Spot – Video

Some men get easily discouraged during sex because they cannot seem to locate their partners’ G spot. If you have gone through this problem, you may think that finding her G spot is an impossible task. It may actually be much more feasible than you think if you know what to do and how things work down there. With the right guidance, any man can please just about any woman. Here are some tips that should help you the next time you go have sex with your partner.

How To Find The G Spot [Video]

Dan and Jennifer explain how to find the G Spot in their latest video, which you watch watch right here on the number one site for anything and everything that has to deal with the female G Spot! Enjoy the video and please leave a comment and let us know what you think.

Female G Spot Video

Female G Spot Video explaining everything you would ever want to know about the female G Spot. Including where the g spot is located and how the G Spot officially got it’s name. For many people the female G Spot is still in mystery, but it doesn’t have to be any more. Watch the video below for an exciting journey into one of a woman’s most sensitive areas on her body, the female g spot.