How You Can Give Her Better Orgasms Than Her Vibrator

Let’s first emphasize that vibrators and masturbation are awesome. This is not in any way saying we should think a vibrator or her masturbation is something to contend with. However, I think the comparison of how women typically masturbate with the opportunity to stimulate her vaginally shows that we can potentially touch her in a way she’s never been touched before and give her even more powerful orgasms.

When most women masturbate, with a vibrator or not, they typically stimulate their clitoris. Her clitoris is very sensitive and it’s the only organ who’s sole purpose is sexual stimulation. This type of stimulation leads to a clitoral orgasm. This is an awesome orgasm that’s typically described as being more local to the genitals. It can be difficult to achieve these orgasms during intercourse without manual stimulation from her or her partner. Alternatively, women are also capable of having orgasms from stimulation to the inside of the vagina. These types of orgasms are called vaginal orgasms and they are described as more of a full body experience. Vaginal orgasms can also lead to squirting orgasms, which is when a woman ejaculates (from her urethra) during the time of orgasm and her body shakes for sometime multiple minutes. These vaginal orgasms can be achieved through stimulation of her g-spot or her a-spot. Since most women are not used to this type of direct stimulation on the inside of their vagina there is an opportunity to give her a different (and possibly more powerful) orgasm than she’s used to from masturbation.

Vibrators have been around since the late 1800s. Doctors used vibrators up until the early 1900s to cure “Female Hysteria”. This was actually just built up sexual tension in women and doctors would literally stimulate her clitoris until she had an orgasm. She’d go home relaxed and happy and people back then didn’t even consider this a sexual act, let alone an orgasm. We’ve come a long way in a relatively short amount of time. Now vibrators come in every shape, color, and texture you can imagine. Women have “sex parties” in their homes and talk about and order new toys to add to their collection. This is beautiful, and it’s so important any one to explore their own sexuality and understand their own body and mind and their potential for orgasm. Women who explore their bodies are more likely to orgasm with their partner because they know what they like.

A big part of female orgasms is the mental side. Brain scans show that the “thinking” part of the brain needs to quiet down in order to let go and orgasm. This can be difficult for some women, and some women self sabotage unknowingly by “trying” to orgasm. As her partner we have a unique opportunity to engage her mind in a way she can’t get when she’s masturbating, and this can be the difference in her ability to orgasm. Make her super present to the moment and the orgasm will seemingly “just happen”, and you’ll have a very happy woman on your hands.

Know If She Had An Orgasm With These Techniques

Alright gentlemen, you need to make sure your woman is having an orgasm every time during sex so here’s how to tell if she actually had an orgasm.

When you consider that the majority of women self report faking an orgasm at least one, and a sizable group of them report faking orgasms many times, then you can see why we need to understand how to tell if she orgasmed. Many women fake orgasms to make their man feel better and stroke his ego when in reality she craves the orgasmic release that her body is designed for. Women can have clitoral orgasms, and vaginal orgasms. Vaginal orgasms come from g-spot stimulation or a-spot stimulation and can lead to a squirting orgasm which can make it a lot more obvious that she’s had the orgasm. Women typically stimulate their clitoris during masturbation and a clitoral orgasm is what she might be used to, however these types of orgasms can be a little bit more difficult to detect. It’s important to know what to look for and to pay attention to her body inside and out because it’s giving you all the signs you need. You should never have to ask your woman if she’s had an orgasm, this really takes away from the experience. It’s a huge boost to just know that she had an orgasm and that she’s enjoying the experience as much, if not more, than you are. Take the time to stimulate your woman and give her an orgasm every time during intercourse and you will have a sex craving beautiful unicorn on your hands who can’t get enough of your touch. Knowing your woman’s body and mind inside and out is the sexiest thing a man can do so try this tonight and be sure that she orgasmed.

How To Increase Her Sex Drive In The Bedroom

If you’re looking for how to increase your wife or girlfriend’s sex drive in the bedroom then you’re in the right place.

It’s unfortunate, yet common, for the heat in a relationship to go down over time which can lead to a sexless marriage or relationship. How do you get her excited about sex again? How do you get her to want and desire sex more often? These are question answered in the video above. The number one way to increase her sex drive is to give her full body vaginal orgasms. You do this by stimulating either her G-Spot or her A-Spot. This can also lead to a squirting orgasm, also known as Female Ejaculation, which is one of the best orgasms a woman can ever experience. This will awaken a part of her sexuality that she might not even realize is there and turn her into a sex craved kitten in the bedroom.

There’s also many physical and mental road blocks that you might not even know are there that are decreasing her sex drive and desire. Physical road blocks could be things such as birth control pills, antidepressants (SSRI class prescription drugs), lack of sleep, stress and more. Mental road blocks could involve her emotional connection with you, whether her needs are being met, and how sexually exciting you’ve been lately. Increase her sex drive involves being clear and honest about all these things and taking the time to get all these road blocks out of the way and then giving her the best sexual experiences of her life. Be sure to watch the video all the way to the end to discover these important distinctions about her sex drive. Make sure you take action on what you learn and you’ll have a very happy woman on your hands.

How To Give Her G-Spot Orgasms During Sex

If you want to master her g-spot then listen up because the 3 techniques for hitting her g-spot during sex that Jason Julius explains in this video are gold. Pay particularly close attention to tip number three to drive her g-spot wild.

The g-spot is one of the most sensitive erogenous zones on a woman’s body. Taking the time to stimulate her g-spot directly using your finger can help make the g-spot swell up and become easier to find and stimulate during sex. Then you can aim the head of your penis directly at her g-spot in any position during sex to give her a full body g-spot orgasm. This is also how to make a girl squirt while you have your penis inside of her. As the g-spot gets stimulated it will swell, kind of like a balloon. This is the female ejaculate building up. Keep pumping her g-spot, like the way described in the video above, and she’ll eventually let go and have the best squirting orgasms of her life.

Tip For Women – How To Tighten Your Vagina And Have Better Orgasms

The sex god Jason Julius is now branching off and helping women directly have the most powerful orgasms of their lives. He’s just launched a brand new site at and if you head over now you can sign up to get tutorial video on how any woman can learn to unlock her full orgasmic potential and consistently orgasm during intercourse. Pretty darn cool if you ask me.

In this video Jason talks about a simple yet highly effective exercise you ladies need to be doing in order to experience the most pleasure possible from your orgasms. Check it out!

How To Make A Girl Squirt Demo by Jason Julius

Jason Julius the master teacher that has already taught us a ton of getting the women of the world off with the most amazing orgasms ever, is taking it up a notch in one of his latest YouTube videos where he explains how to make a girl squirt!  If you don’t already know Jason is the go to man if you wanna learn the in’s and out’s of female ejaculation and getting the special woman in your life off with incredible, mind melting, earth shattering ejaculatory orgasms.

I personally have learned a ton from Jason and he never fails to amaze me, anyway enough with the man crush talk, check out the video below and get your woman to squirt tonight!

What is a Squirting Orgasm?

There are many mysteries and myths surrounding the female ejaculation. So many guys are curious about how to make a girl squirt, but they really don’t know what squirting is or where the fluid is coming from.

That’s a problem…

Thankfully our female orgasm expert Jason Julius is here to help. In one of his latest videos Jason gives us some great insight on what exactly a squirting orgasm is and why it’s so important to be able to give one to your woman. Watch, enjoy and learn.